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Northwest Edina: Melody Lake

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With a population of 1,150 residents, the Melody Lake neighborhood is situated in the northwest quadrant of the city of Edina, towards the center. It is bordered on the north by the southern property line of Our Lady of Grace Church and School, on the east by the frontage road along the west side of Highway 100, on the south by Benton Avenue, and on the west by the railroad tracks. Melody Lake and its encompassing greenery are at the center of this mainly residential neighborhood. Of the 390 homes, the majority of them are ramblers or splits.

The Melody Lake neighborhood is home to one park:

Melody Lake Park: Located adjacent to Melody Lake, the lake sharing the neighborhood’s name, Melody Lake Park is a great location for wildlife enthusiasts of all ages. A largely undeveloped area, this 4-acre park is home to an abundance of wildlife. Visitors can enjoy a myriad of birds and woodland creatures all while appreciating the scenic beauty of the lake. The park offers numerous trees and several benches for rest and shade from the sun.

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