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Northwest Edina: Hilldale

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As neighborhoods in the city of Edina go, the Hilldale neighborhood is a very old one. The Hilldale neighborhood is situated in the Northwest quadrant of the city of Edina. It is bordered on the north by Edina’s border with St. Louis Park, on the east by Todd Park and the Todd Park neighborhood, on the south by Interlachen Blvd, and on the west by the Rolling Green neighborhood.

Hilldale is by no means a large neighborhood, as its 67 homes were built in the 1940’s and 50’s and are mostly two-story splits. There are several spectacular, luxury homes on property spaces that are usually half an acre in size, and there are even some lots that are more than an acre, a characteristic that is rare for the city of Edina. No one really knows why this neighborhood was named Hilldale, especially since there aren’t very many hills. Nevertheless, this neighborhood continues to be a very coveted and beautiful place in which to live. Meadowbrook Lake to the north adds great scenic beauty to the lifestyle found within the Hilldale neighborhood.

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