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Northwest Edina: Creek Valley

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More than half of the Creek Valley neighborhood is publicly owned land. Some of it is park and open space, but more of it is school property. Creek Valley is situated in the Southwest quadrant of the city of Edina. It is bordered on the north by Highway 62, on the east by Tracy Avenue, on the south by Valley View Road, and on the west by Gleason Avenue.

The neighborhood and Elementary School derives their names from their location near the valley of Nine Mile Creek. Also located within this neighborhood are the facilities of Edina High School and Valley View Middle School, with countless beautiful views down the hill of Nine Mile Creek. The homes near the curving residential section of the neighborhood are mostly ramblers built in the 60’s, split levels, and two stories. Creek Valley contains two sections. The western section, also known as Valley Estates, encompasses Creek Valley Elementary School and Park. Valley Estates has a horseshoe-shaped pattern. Because of this shape, it is an outstanding walking neighborhood. The eastern section of the neighborhood benefits from the new biking and walking trails that were recently installed.

Creek Valley School Park: The main park within the Creek Valley neighborhood, Creek Valley School Park is located adjacent to Creek Valley Elementary School. This location makes it ideal for younger families or students of the nearby school. At 10 acres, the park boasts one of the largest playgrounds within the park system in addition to having five soccer fields, basketball hoops, foursquare grids, and a giant sledding hill. Children are sure to love the swings and slides that the playground offers. Additionally, during the winter months the hockey rink and warming house are very popular amenities.

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