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Northwest Edina: Birchcrest

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With a population of 850 residents, the Birchcrest neighborhood is situated in the Northwest quadrant of Edina and is also the geographical center of the city. The neighborhood got its name from the area’s first developer. It is bordered on the east by Highway 100, on the south by Highway 62, and on the west by the railroad tracks just west of Hanson Road. As an almost entirely residential area, Birchcrest consists of homes built predominantly during the 1950’s and 60’s. The neighborhood’s natural jewel is Birchcrest Park, with its playground and open field.

The neighborhood is situated just across the highway from the Edina Schools Community Center, Concord School, Normandale School, and Southview Middle School campus. Birchcrest has enjoyable rolling hills and a distinct street pattern. Another notable natural feature are the many beautiful ponds scattered throughout. Birchcrest homes consist of mostly ramblers along with a few two-story, new construction homes.

The Birchcrest neighborhood is home to two parks. They include:

Birchcrest Park: Birchcrest Park is a small, 2 acre park located on the western border of the Birchcrest neighborhood. Best known as a park for young families and children, the park’s amenities include a playground, swing set, large field for games, and numerous areas of shade. The tall, mature oaks are perfect for encapsulating the park and providing rest areas. Parents can let their kids play in confidence while enjoying a picnic or simply time in the outdoors.

Tingdale Park: Tingdale Park is the smaller of the two parks found within the Birchcrest neighborhood. While small, it provides a great atmosphere for families of all ages. With a playground, baseball field, drinking fountain, benches, and plenty of trees for shade, Birchcrest is the ideal location for a picnic with the family or an afternoon of fun.


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