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Northeast: Waite Park

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The Waite Park neighborhood is in the Northeast community and in the very corner of Minneapolis. It is named after Edward Foote Waite. This man was a judge for the District Court of Hennepin County for thirty years in the early 1900’s. In 1887, the city incorporated most of the land in the neighborhood, which was originally mostly unclaimed. Waite Park is a mainly residential neighborhood, with a residential population of around 5,000.

Waite Park is a quiet, traditional neighborhood settled somewhat away from the busy and major hubs of Minneapolis. Saint Anthony Parkway travels along the southern end and is part of the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway. Waite Park contains well educated, socially aware, and politically involved locals who take care of their neighborhood and their community. Within walking distance to a number of parks and great schools, Waite Park is a great place to raise a family. The neighborhood hosts a varied assortment of housing styles from Craftsman-style homes built in the 1910’s to bigger 1920’s Bungalows and 1950’s Ranch-style homes. Waite Park has also stood behind the construction of new single-family homes along Central Avenue.

Although the neighborhood does not offer much in the way of commercial amenities, many shops, dining, and entertainment areas can be found nearby. One popular spot however is the Hill Valley Cafe. This cafe has a quaint neighborhood feel to it, as their food selection, coffee, and cozy atmosphere is sure to please during an early morning or late afternoon visit. For the most part though, this lovely neighborhood is a haven for residents that wish to be close to the amenities of the downtown area, but far enough away to enjoy a peaceful and family-oriented community.

Waite Park houses three distinct parks. They include:

Waite Park: A park that shares the name of the neighborhood in which it resides, Waite Park is an 8.88-acre park featuring numerous amenities and programs. Because of its connection to the nearby Waite Community School, many day programs and summer athletic camps take place within the neighborhood. Residents are able to enjoy these programs in addition to the park’s amenities. With a baseball field, basketball court, football field, picnic area with grill, playground, restroom facility, soccer field, softball field, tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, a wading pool, and walking paths, there is something for everyone at Waite Park.

Cavell Park: Cavell Park is a small park located within the Waite Park neighborhood. At 3.6 acres, the park offers a baseball field, basketball court, picnic area, playground, restroom facility, softball field, and tennis courts. While not as large as some of the other parks in the neighborhood, Cavell Park is a great alternative for a quieter, more peaceful park experience.

Deming Heights Park: Deming Heights Park is located near the northern end of the Audubon Park and the southern end of Waite Park. While only partially located within the neighborhood, Deming Heights Park is known for its scenic beauty. A popular destination for weddings, the park features the highest point in the Minneapolis parks system, offering unparalleled views of the Minneapolis skyline. Visitors can also enjoy walking paths, beautiful trees and plant life, and picnic areas for time with the family. Also located at Deming Heights Park is the Elf Door. A popular destination for children, the Elf Door is situated in the bottom of a mature tree and often has shiny trinkets and toys inside for children who visit.

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