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Northeast: Schools & District 1

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Minneapolis Public Schools promises an inspirational education experience in a safe, welcoming environment for all diverse learners to acquire the tools and skills necessary to confidently engage in the global community. This is the largest district in Minnesota, as it serves the largest city in the state. The teachers are dedicated, passionate and committed to closing the achievement gap and raising the bar for all students. MPS provides the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, College in Schools (CIS), and Career and Technical Education, advanced World Language programs and Advanced Placement (AP) coursework to support our students educational growth. The staff is ready and eager to help families find the right school for their child. They offer popular magnet programs and community schools. Every family has an option to select the school that best meets their needs. This district services 43 elementary schools, 8 middle schools, and 9 high schools.

Waite Park Community School is the local elementary school. The school is dedicated to assisting their students to attain superiority in academics by providing stimulating programs for Pre-K through 5th grade students. At Waite Park, the mission is to aid students in meeting academic goals in the areas of Math, Language Arts, Science, and Technology. The staff is dedicated to delivering a thoughtful and inspiring atmosphere, with clear rules as well as penalties for breaking them. They will actively participate with students in learning, exemplify positive and responsible behavior, and encourage students to read for pleasure as well as learning.

At the local Edison High School, students have the opportunity graduate with the skills necessary to excel in their post-secondary aspirations. Through innovation and personal empowerment, the Edison community partners with students by igniting a passion for lifelong learning, instilling the ideals of international mindedness, and leading their students to succeed at Edison and beyond.

The local middle school is St Anthony Middle School, which will be overviewed in the following section.

This community is also in the St. Anthony-New Brighton School District, or school district 282. The mission of this district is to educate, prepare, and inspire a community of lifelong learners that will make an impact on the world. They are committed to the success of all learners. The district enrolls over 1,700 students at Wilshire Park Elementary School, St. Anthony Middle School, and St. Anthony High School.

St. Anthony Community Services offers Early Childhood programs for students ages three to five years old. Additionally, they provide a before and after school day program for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade, and family and parent education programs.

At Wilshire Park Elementary School, students in kindergarten through 5th grade will experience curriculum based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Wilshire Park students will be valued and provided an individualized educational experience. The students will form strong partnerships with peers, parents and families.

St. Anthony Middle School (SAMS) is a school that is committed to providing students with amazing learning experiences in a caring environment. Their goal is to assist students while they begin to grow their academic opportunities and creativity while strengthening their critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills. The middle school provides a strong academic background while still offering students a variety of elective courses. Enhanced learning opportunities, extracurricular activities and clubs are highly valued by SAMS students. Some of these programs include athletics, speech, student council, academic teams, and drama.

St. Anthony High School (SAHS) offers a challenging academic program for students in order to prepare them for their post secondary efforts. SAHS has no shortage of awards from the State of Minnesota, Newsweek magazine and US News and World Report. SAHS students typically score well above average on standardized assessments and college entrance exams. Extracurricular activities include athletics, music, drama, speech, student council and the National Honor Society.

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