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Northeast: Marshall Terrace

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Marshall Terrace is located in Minneapolis’ Northeast community. The borders of the neighborhood consist of Saint Anthony Parkway on the north and Lowry Avenue on the south. The Mississippi River is the western border, and 4th Street NE and University Avenue are the eastern borders. The neighborhood is named after Minnesota’s fifth governor, William R. Marshall, who was governor from 1866 to 1870. Large areas of property in the neighborhood are used for industry purposes. Some of the land is residential with related commercial uses.

The neighborhood is comprised of mainly affordable homes that have been methodically maintained. Marshall Terrace has superb and picturesque scenery, and is close to downtown. This neighborhood of just over 1,000 residents is a great place to live for those seeking close proximity to the city. The neighborhood is very traditional with a network of old trees and sidewalks along the roads. The homes are mostly one story or one-and-a-half story, single-family homes.

Betty Danger’s Country Club has many delightful features not usually found in other country clubs. They are a restaurant and bar that welcomes everyone. That is why they are the country club for the 99%, because no membership is required. They offer a Mechanical Tree, which is a moving patio for drinking and dining. This also provides open-air dining cars where one can dine and drink as they rotate around and then stop at many resting points. This inclusive country club is very popular among the locals in the area and is the host of numerous events throughout the year.

Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room is a comfortable, pleasant neighborhood bar in the Marshall Terrace neighborhood with a great selection of distinctive and regional food, beer, and cocktails. Stanley’s menu contains a wide array of options and neighborhood favorites. The full menu includes appetizers, soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches and entrées.

The Marshall Terrace neighborhood is home to one park:

Marshall Terrace Park: Marshall Terrace Park is the only park found within the Marshall Terrace neighborhood. At 6.5 acres, the park offers numerous amenities including baseball and softball fields, a basketball court, picnic area with grill, playground, and a wading pool. Residents enjoy the park’s location along the Mississippi River and the scenic views that it provides.

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