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Northeast Edina: Arden Park

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The Arden Park Neighborhood is located in the northeast quadrant of the city of Edina. It is bordered on the north by 50th Street, on the East by France Avenue, on the south by 54th Street and the west by Wooddale Avenue. Minnehaha Creek travels through this urban neighborhood, which is filled with gently curved Avenues, and with Arden Park at its center.  Arden Park contains multiple housing options for its 1,100 residents that were built predominantly during the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s, with some multi-unit buildings in the 70’s, and some newer re-builds in the early 2000’s.

This neighborhood is a great place to live, with picturesque tree-lined streets and delightful 1940’s homes, most of which are one-and-a-half story cape cods, combined with two story classic homes. The neighborhood provides the some of the more coveted natural features, with the previously mentioned Minnehaha Creek and Arden Park, along with the well-groomed golf course in the nearby Edina Country Club bordering the western side. Of Minnehaha Creek’s four-mile stretch through Edina, only a .5 miles is through public property. The majority of the .5 miles is in Arden Park. The Arden Park Neighborhood is also near to the 50th & France Retail District, which offers excellent boutiques, restaurants, retail shops, grocery stores.

The Edina Grill, located just outside the corner of Arden Park, is the classiest of the Blue Plate company’s eateries, prepared with both an abundance of attractive sidewalk seating and a full liquor selection. While they enjoy many of the Blue Plate lunch and dinner standards, like the tempura green beans and the meatloaf sandwich, they often showcase it as a breakfast option for the locals with their “Killer Banana Waffles.”

Arden Park: Arden Park is the only park found within the Arden Park neighborhood. Known for its hockey and ice skating facilities, Arden Park is a central location within the city. Edina’s storied and longstanding hockey tradition has been largely formed by the Arden Park rink, and as such, the members of the community cherish its significance.

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