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Northeast Edina: 50th and France

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The 50th and France neighborhood is situated in the Northeast quadrant of the city of Edina. It is bordered on the north by 49th Street, on the east by France Avenue, on the south by 51st Street, and on the west by Indianola and Halifax Avenues. This expanse often referred to as “downtown Edina”, was home to a blacksmith and creamery in the 1920’s and had no real roads until the 1930’s. It was around this period that family farms were being substituted for residential developments growing near the new Edina Country Club.

These residents needed a retail center close by, and the 50th and France shopping corner was developed in order to fulfill that need. The neighborhood was additionally developed under a multi-million dollar plan after WWII.  The plan relied upon a distinct combination of retail, restaurants, services, and residential use, in a friendly environment with parking and public transit within reach. Currently, the 50th and France neighborhood and business association continues to appreciate achievement as an active center for activity. It remains a great destination for shoppers and diners, strollers and excitement seekers, and is a great place to live.

50th and France has been known for a long time as a great place to shop, but not as a place to live. However, there are a few condo establishments within this neighborhood that offer an urban lifestyle within the security and luxury of the affluent suburb. The Lanterns of Edina is an affordable 1970’s condo building just south of Lund’s Grocery. These units are modest but well positioned. The Henley Condos were built in 1994, and have more glamorous features. 5000 France is the newest development, being finished in 2006.

There are several notable eateries found within the 50th & France neighborhood. The Edina Outpost is the classiest of the Blue Plate Company’s eateries, featuring both an abundance of attractive sidewalk seating and a full liquor selection. While they showcase many of the Blue Plate lunch and dinner standards, like the tempura green beans and the meatloaf sandwich, The Edina Outpost often innovates. A prime example would be their “Killer Banana Waffles”, a popular breakfast option created for the local menu.

Another restaurant within the neighborhood is Raku. Raku brings sushi to a neighborhood that’s been waiting for it for many years. However, there’s much more than raw fish, udon noodles, and gyoza at this outstanding restaurant. Raku also serves several Western and combination entrees, such as grilled lamb chops with goat cheese and a crab-topped salmon dressed with a wasabi/sake/soy sauce blend and a side of Latin guacamole. With menu items like these, why would you go anywhere else to get sushi?

The D’Amico family has been dominating the restaurant scene in this neighborhood for years and years with their outstanding food and service. The D’Amico & Sons restaurant’s menu items have amazing flavor and authenticity, offering visitors a delicious Italian menu. Items like the three-salad combo plates, the soups, the sandwiches, the fancy desserts, and, the bottomless glass of house wine are all popular

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