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Northeast: Community Life

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The Northeast community, found in the northeastern corner of Minneapolis, is home to over 36,000 residents. A quieter community located away from the busier sections of the city, Northeast provides a peaceful and close-knit community for residents to enjoy. With lots of dining, shopping, entertainment, and recreational options available, residents are able to enjoy the excitement of the big city while living in a more intimate environment. The 13 unique neighborhoods that make up the Northeast community each have their own distinct characteristics that contribute to the community as a whole. Below is a brief analysis of each neighborhood and the amenities found within.

Audubon Park is located in Northeast community of Minneapolis. Saint Anthony Parkway, Stinson Boulevard, Lowry Avenue and Central Avenue all border the neighborhood. St. Anthony Park shares borders with this neighborhood as well. Both the local park and the Audubon Park neighborhood as a whole were named in honor of John James Audubon, a great American naturalist and ornithologist. Audubon Park is a conventional neighborhood, with attractive features, which include a wide variety of housing styles, wonderful commercial retail, and courteous, environmentally-mindful, and devoted residents. Most of the neighborhood sits upon a hill that provides spectacular skyline views. Residents are just minutes from the downtown area of Minneapolis, and are equally close to the University of Minnesota, making the neighborhood of around 5,000 an ideal spot for students, staff and faculty who seek easy access to campus.

There are a wide variety of restaurants and cafes found within the Audubon Park neighborhood. Chimborazo is a unique, local restaurant specializing in traditional cuisine from Ecuador and the Andean highlands. Guests enjoy the immersive atmosphere and the family-sized portions. The Audubon Park neighborhood is also home to a branch of the Holy Land Bakery and Deli. Known for their community involvement and delicious, Middle Eastern cuisine, Holy Land is a staple of the neighborhood. Growing from very humble origins, today Holy Land is a nationally-known brand with avid supporters from all around the world. Their Mediterranean/Middle Eastern foods include Arabic Shwarma, Gyros, Falafel, Kebabs, and much more. Perhaps their most famous menu item, however, is the award-winning pita bread and hummus. The Coffee Shop Northeast is there to help for residents with a hungry appetite. Breakfast hours are a popular time for visitors, and guests enjoy picking up an Eggel, a fresh pastry, or a warm bowl of steel cut oats. Visitors also enjoy taking advantage of the full menu of sandwiches, salads, “Daily Specials” and Soups. Additionally, patrons can save time when on the go with their conveniently stocked case of pre-made sandwiches, salads, parfaits, veggies and more. When the local’s sweet tooth comes calling, the shop has them covered with cookies, breads, dessert bars, cake and pies, all found at The Coffee Shop Northeast. Located at the corner of Johnson and 29th in Northeast Minneapolis, Hazel’s Northeast serves classically-motivated, imaginatively-arranged American comfort food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They provide a calm and welcoming dining experience that is imbedded in more than 50 years of family tradition. The made-from-scratch kitchen produces dishes that are both nostalgic and delightful.

The Beltrami neighborhood is in the Northeast community of Minneapolis. Broadway Street NE borders it on the north, Interstate 35W on the east, Hennepin Avenue East on the south, and on Central Avenue NE and Harrison Street NE on the west. Both the Beltrami neighborhood and the local park are named after Giacomo Constantino Beltrami, an early 19th century Italian jurist, scholar and explorer. The neighborhood’s early days experienced an influx of mostly Italian and Swedish immigrants. Much like that of other neighborhoods in northeast Minneapolis, several artists have set up studios in Beltrami. Large zones of industrial property cover the southwestern part of the neighborhood, while the rest is devoted to single-family dwellings scattered with low-rise, multi-family homes. Beltrami is a smaller neighborhood that is just a few minutes from downtown Minneapolis, the University of Minnesota, and The Quarry retail center. The neighborhood’s convenient location adds value for its 1,200 residents in making it easy for locals to get to jobs, shopping, school, and entertainment.

There are several dining options within the Beltrami neighborhood. Elegant and casual, characteristic and delicious, Eli’s East Food and Cocktails offers exceptional food in a sincere, welcoming environment. They are the  go-to place for locals to enjoy a burger with the family, share a fine steak dinner with a loved one, or celebrate a holiday or life event. They feature fresh ingredients, several housemade items, including the popular house-cured pastrami and an assortment of cellos, specials weekly, late-night dining, and a full bar and cocktail menu. Another dining option is Legends Bar & Grill. The Legends Bar & Grill is the perfect place to grab some drinks and connect with the community. This popular late-night hangout is the place to be during any major, televised, athletic event.

One of the more unique organizations found within the Beltrami neighborhood is the Friends of the 261. A society that preserves and recreates luxury train ride experiences, the Friends of the 261 organize several excursions throughout the year in addition to providing custom events. Guests can experience true luxury while riding on one of the organization’s several renovated train cars. Excursions often travel across-country, giving passengers an authentic experience.

Bottineau is located in the Northeast Minneapolis community. The Mississippi River borders it on the west and University Avenue border it to the east. Lowry Avenue NE is the northern end of the neighborhood, which extends to 16 th/17 th avenues NE in the south. The smaller Bottineau neighborhood derived its name from the famous pioneer, explorer, and leader Pierre Bottineau who bought land in the area in 1845. Bottineau contains an extensive history with the large number of ethnic groups that have settled in this neighborhood over the years. Today, the neighborhood has a population of close to 1,500 people and is a popular area for many artists to live and work. Bottineau has a perfect combination of features including a large park, a library, restaurants and bars along University Avenue, and its close proximity to downtown. Home prices are affordable, streets are lined with trees, and residents contribute in programs that embellish the neighborhood and improve it for the upcoming years.

There are many different dining options for residents of the Bottineau neighborhood. Jax Cafe has served the families of Northeast Minneapolis devotedly for 75 years. Bill Kozlak, Jr. follows in his father and grandfather¹s footsteps by conserving the rich history of Jax cafe while furthering the claim of second-to-none service. Known for a kind and welcoming environment, Jax Cafe serves the best quality cuts and fresh seafood from many reaches of the world. Understanding that fine food doesn’t need to be flashy, but simply taste delicious, Jax Cafe excites with the finest ingredients, perfect preparation and the heart of a dining experience crafted through three generations. The Sample Room is one of the Bottineau neighborhood’s most notable venues. Offering brunch, lunch, and dinner menus in addition to providing a full-service bar and winery, The Sample Room is a local favorite. Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge is a popular and exotic place to visit. This uniquely named place is a discovery and experience all on its own. Visitors love to enter to find out what’s in stores for them, as this tiki bar is sure to provide an experience like none other. They combine lovingly remembered tiki bar history, a healthy helping of tattoo culture, several courses of kitsch, a dash of excitement and a desire for a good time all in one building. Visitors get a feast for the senses that will not be easily forgotten.

Columbia Park is a peaceful and steady neighborhood of around 1,200, resting in a haven that is somewhat separate from the loud areas of the city. It has easy and quick access to Minneapolis’ downtown by several means of transportation. The neighborhood is home to a substantial amount of parkland, including the 18-hole Columbia Golf Club. The majority of the housing units are single-family and well maintained. There are an array of housing types in the neighborhood including stucco, brick Tudors, and two-story colonials, which are similar of the homes along Minnehaha Parkway.

The 18-hole Columbia Golf Club, which was founded in 1919, is a staple of the local community. It is the second oldest golf course in the city of Minneapolis and offers visitors a pro shop, locker room, clubhouse, restaurant, driving range, and more. Additionally, the club is home to a footgolf course where players attempt to kick a soccer ball into a soccer ball-sized hole. Members and guests alike enjoy the course’s amenities and leagues as well as occasional tournaments.

Holland is located in the Northeast community of Minneapolis. The neighborhood’s northern border is 27th Avenue NE and the southern border is along 17th and 19th avenues NE. Both the neighborhood and its local elementary school were named after Josiah G. Holland, an American educator and editor born in Massachusetts in 1819. He was famously known for Timothy Titcomb’s Letters, a piece he wrote for a newspaper in Massachusetts. The neighborhood is mainly residential, and more than half of the homes were established before 1920. The Holland neighborhood has a small commercial area, as well as other features such as the Jackson Square Park, Edison Senior High School, and a Minneapolis public library branch. The neighborhood of close to 5,000 residents was a popular destination for Eastern Europeans in the early 1900’s.

There are many dining options available within the Holland neighborhood. Sen Yai Sen Lek Thai is a Northeast Minneapolis Thai restaurant highlighting rice and noodle dishes, Isaan sticky rice and curry specials. They are conveniently located at the intersection of Central & Lowry Avenues, at the heart of the neighborhoods funky, arts-intensive atmosphere. Sen Yai Sen Lek is ideal for a comfortable afternoon or evening out as visitors enjoy sampling a bowl of noodles or the daily curry special, grabbing Thai take-out, or appreciate a local beer or glass of wine at the bar. El Taco Riendo is another popular locale within the neighborhood. Specializing in authentic Mexican foods and known for their large portions, El Taco Riendo offers dine-in and take-out options for patrons.

Logan Park, located in the Northeast Minneapolis community, is bordered on the north by 19th Avenue Northeast, on the east by Central Avenue Northeast, on the south by Broadway Avenue Northeast, and on the west by Washington Street Northeast. This 150-acre neighborhood of over 2,000 residents is nearly half residential with the other half dedicated to parks and commercial uses.

The Ideal Diner was built in 1949 and has been a popular spot in Northeast community ever since it was established. The old neon sign gleams brightly into Central Avenue as it draws visitors into the restaurant every evening. Serving a diverse base of customers, the Ideal Diner is a 15-stool diner with a counter to watch your food being cooked. The environment is perfect for conversations of all sorts or for watching major sporting events. People come to experience the atmosphere and fellowship that the diner offers. The diner welcomes anyone in to enjoy the experience, as they continue to be a popular destination. Another destination that residents enjoy is Maya Cuisine. A Mexican restaurant and bar serving a Sunday brunch buffet, lunch and dinner, residents enjoy the authentic taste and generous portions.

Rosalux is Minnesota’s longest running collective art gallery. Located within the Logan Park neighborhood, it currently houses the work of over 20 modern visual artists. The work of these artists can be found in foremost collections all over the world, and the artists have received significant grants, placements, and awards. The gallery is located in the Van Buren Building in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, and on the east side of the Logan Park neighborhood.

Marshall Terrace is located in Minneapolis’ Northeast community. The borders of the neighborhood consist of Saint Anthony Parkway on the north and Lowry Avenue on the south. The Mississippi River is the western border, and 4th Street NE and University Avenue are the eastern borders. The neighborhood is named after Minnesota’s fifth governor, William R. Marshall, who was governor from 1866 to 1870. Large areas of property in the neighborhood are used for industry purposes. Some of the land is residential with related commercial uses. The neighborhood is comprised of mainly affordable homes that have been methodically maintained. Marshall Terrace has superb and picturesque scenery, and is close to downtown. This neighborhood of just over 1,000 residents is a great place to live for those seeking close proximity to the city. The neighborhood is very traditional with a network of old trees and sidewalks along the roads. The homes are mostly one story or one-and-a-half story, single-family homes.

Betty Danger’s Country Club has many delightful features not usually found in other country clubs. They are a restaurant and bar that welcomes everyone. That is why they are the country club for the 99%, because no membership is required. They offer a Mechanical Tree, which is a moving patio for drinking and dining. This also provides open-air dining cars where one can dine and drink as they rotate around and then stop at many resting points. This inclusive country club is very popular among the locals in the area and is the host of numerous events throughout the year.

Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room is a comfortable, pleasant neighborhood bar in the Marshall Terrace neighborhood with a great selection of distinctive and regional food, beer, and cocktails. Stanley’s menu contains a wide array of options and neighborhood favorites. The full menu includes appetizers, soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches and entrées.

Northeast Park, located in Minneapolis’ Northeast community, can be divided into three sections. The western portion is predominantly residential and is home to several of restored Victorian era homes and rental sections. In the very center of the neighborhood is “The Quarry”, which is a large regional shopping center, and a cushion between the small residential portion of the neighborhood and the eastern section. The eastern section is home to Hillside Cemetery and Honeywell International manufacturing. Northeast Park has quick access to downtown Minneapolis through I-35 and is close to the artist galleries in the nearby neighborhoods Logan Park and Sheridan. This neighborhood of around 600 residents is a small and peaceful spot in which to live.

The Northeast Park neighborhood is home to the Nimbus Theatre. An independent theatre, the Nimbus is known for its artist-driven productions. Each show is a collaborative effort where artists and acting talent explore new ideas and strive to create innovative works of art. The theatre is a community theatre and thus encourages participation from members of the surrounding communities.

One of the most notable coffee shops in the neighborhood is The Spyhouse Coffee Roasting Co. Their green buying team chooses coffees that are available for a range of appetites and are responsibly grown. It is their desire to provides a local hangout to study, meet a friend, or enjoy a date. The shop works hard to create an excellent experience for its visitors.

The Jim Lupient Water Park is one of the biggest attractions found within the Northeast Park neighborhood. It features 3 large water slides, a log water walk, an interactive spray and splash pad, water volleyball, lap swimming lanes, and more. Open during the warmer months, residents enjoy a fun, convenient way to cool down from the summer sun. Additionally, adjacent to the water park is the Grand Rounds miniature golf course. It offers 18 holes of zany, wacky, and fun holes for visitors to golf on and shares operating hours with the water park, making it a convenient activity to add on to the water park.

The Sheridan neighborhood is located in the Northeast community of Minneapolis. It ranges from Washington Street NE on the east to the Mississippi River on the west, and from Broadway Street NE on the south to 18th and 17th avenues NE on the north side. The neighborhood derived its name from Civil War General Philip Sheridan. The local elementary and junior high schools and neighborhood’s park are all named after the same man. A hefty share of the area was constructed for industrial purposes, but there is conceivable for new housing to be built here. The Sheridan neighborhood also has a substantial amount of smaller apartment buildings.

The Grain Belt Area complex, next to Sheridan Memorial Park on the river, is a multi-use facility which includes a public library, coffee shop, artist studios and a nationally renowned architectural building. The center of the Sheridan neighborhood is the commercial strip along 13th Ave. NE, which has arisen in modern years as one of the city’s best arts and entertainment places while upholding it’s very secure and comfortable small town charm. Sheridan is full of diversity and is home to roughly 3,000 residents.

There are many restaurants and cafes that residents and visitors alike can enjoy. The SiP Coffee Bar makes delicious muffins, cookies, and bars from-scratch. Their breakfast options include homemade quiche, breakfast sandwiches, egg burritos, yogurt parfaits, and hot oatmeal. SiP is one of the favorite gathering places for the neighborhood. Customers are able to enjoy the store’s relaxing workspace and social areas with comfortable and cozy seating.

The Anchor Fish and Chips is known for its genuine and fresh ingredients and its Alaskan Cod & Hand Cut Chips. These aspects make The Anchor Fish and Chips one of the best dining spots in the neighborhood. Other food items include Shepherd’s Pies, Grass Fed Burgers, Meat & Veggie Pasties and much more. They have an authentic Irish breakfast on Saturdays  and Sundays during the morning hours which showcases the Full Whack menu item. Don’t know what that is? Give them a visit to find out. They proudly serve Bota Box wines, Guinness, Kilkenny, Harp & Magners Cider and other popular drinks.

Going to the movies can be fun, but there is nothing like live drama. The Ritz Theatre is recognized for offering live, quality theater presentations typically to the South Jersey groups for over two decades. The Ritz Theatre building, which is located near the center of the neighborhood, has recently been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. This is a very popular spot to go see a show, and there are so many great ones to choose from. If you love live theatre, you will be surprised with how immersive and creative each and every show is.

St. Anthony East is located in the Northeast community in Minneapolis. The neighborhood ranges from Broadway Street NE on the northern border to Central Avenue NE on the east, Second Avenue NE on the south, and Fifth and Washington streets NE on the west side. Its numerous churches, reminders of a not-so-distant past when people from different European countries moved into the area, characterize St. Anthony East. These European immigrants established themselves in neighborhoods around their churches.

The Ngo family opened Cali’s Vietnamese Restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis, within the St. Anthony East neighborhood, with the dream of offering a comfy and appealing environment, while serving genuine Vietnamese and Chinese cooking where customers feel they are treated with the utmost hospitality by the staff. The restaurant’s food is predominantly Vietnamese, but they also have other plates stimulated by the neighboring countries from Asia such as China, Thailand, Singapore, and Korea. If you are searching for the finest hamburgers, hot dogs, hot sandwiches and hot treats in the Minneapolis area, Uncle Franky’s is not a bad way to go. You can bring your family and friends for some amazing and tasty food, or you can utilize the catering services offered for a neighborhood event. Their “After 5” specials keep the evening hours the most popular time to visit, as plenty of residents within the neighborhood are there to enjoy the food. Additionally, the restaurant offers carry-out for fabulous food on the go. The St. Anthony East neighborhood is also home to several local bars and grills that provide late-night drink and entertainment.

As one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, and with a population of 2,500 residents, St. Anthony West is a charming and peaceful community. The amazingly historic St. Anthony West is located right next to the east bank of the Mississippi River. It is known as the entryway to the Minneapolis Arts District from the northeast side and showcases a variation of affordable housing options, from lovely and historic 1880’s homes and delightful ramblers of the 1960s and 1970s to contemporary townhomes and condos. This neighborhood within the Northeast community is just minutes from downtown, and there are many transportation options available. The neighborhood hosts a 28-acre park along the river and several appealing restaurants, all just within a few minutes of walking. Several churches of numerous denominations help make the area a great place to live when looking for a place of worship. St. Anthony West is also proud to be the home of Minneapolis’ only Yacht Club. Housing options are mostly single-family and duplexes fluctuating in age and architectural type, but most are from the 1800’s to contemporary townhomes resting along the streets.

There are several popular eateries located within the St. Anthony West neighborhood. Emily’s Lebanese Deli is one of the more unique options. Specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine, Emily’s ethnic foods are a local favorite. Elsie’s Restaurant, Bar & Bowling Center is another popular destination within the neighborhood. While the food consists of mostly traditional bar foods, Elsie’s does offer a selection of entrees and appetizers. Additionally, guests can enjoy the extensive bar and great bowling on site. Element Pizza is another fun dining option. Serving wood fired pizzas, Element Pizza is known for their fresh ingredients and delectable taste. Additionally, the offer delivery via a delivery service called Bite Squad.

Waite Park is a quiet, traditional neighborhood settled somewhat away from the busy and major hubs of Minneapolis. Saint Anthony Parkway travels along the southern end and is part of the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway. Waite Park contains well educated, socially aware, and politically involved locals who take care of their neighborhood and their community. Within walking distance to a number of parks and great schools, Waite Park is a great place to raise a family. The neighborhood hosts a varied assortment of housing styles from Craftsman-style homes built in the 1910’s to bigger 1920’s Bungalows and 1950’s Ranch-style homes. Waite Park has also stood behind the construction of new single-family homes along Central Avenue.

Although the neighborhood does not offer much in the way of commercial amenities, many shops, dining, and entertainment areas can be found nearby. One popular spot however is the Hill Valley Cafe. This cafe has a quaint neighborhood feel to it, as their food selection, coffee, and cozy atmosphere is sure to please during an early morning or late afternoon visit. For the most part though, this lovely neighborhood is a haven for residents that wish to be close to the amenities of the downtown area, but far enough away to enjoy a peaceful and family-oriented community.

Windom Park is in the Northeast community of Minneapolis, and its geographical location is exactly what the community name suggests. Lowry Avenue NE borders the neighborhood on the north on the west by Central Avenue NE, on the south by 18th Avenue NE and on the east by New Brighton Boulevard. The name for the neighborhood was derived from that of William Windom, a man who served in the 1800’s as a United States senator from Minnesota and as secretary of the U.S. Department of Treasury. Windom Park is mostly a traditional and residential neighborhood that consists of single-family dwellings that dominate the eastern portion, and multifamily buildings that showcase the western portion, particularly around Central Avenue.

The previously mentioned street is in the neighborhood’s western end, and is an extremely active commercial strip. Several ethnic restaurants row the street; showcasing how diverse locals are reshaping the neighborhood. The neighborhood has been a home for immigrants from all over the world for a long time. Windom Park is also adjacent to the Quarry, which is a large and handy shopping location with a full-service bank complete with a multi-lingual staff. Even with all of these amenities, the neighborhood continues to be quiet, peaceful and one of the safest areas in terms of crime. This wonderful neighborhood of close to 5,700 residents is truly a gem within the city.

If you love bakeries, the most popular in not only the neighborhood but also the entire community is Solomon’s Bakery. They consistently provide fresh baked goods on a daily basis to fans from all around. Their smell alone is enough to lure patrons inside to see what they have to offer. Another great place to get tasty food is The Mill. They are the re-launch of the former Mill City Cafe. The Mill Northeast is a New American Restaurant with the same great food as the old Mill, but in a brand new home and style within the neighborhood. Another great dining option within the neighborhood is La Colonia. Specializing in traditional Colombian and Ecuadorian dishes, La Colonia offers upscale dining that visitors are sure to enjoy. With their generous portions and convenient online ordering option, La Colonia is a must-visit destination.

While by no means a comprehensive listing of all that the Northeast community has to offer, this article provides a general basis for the lifestyle found in the Northeast area. If you would like more information regarding the individual neighborhoods found within the Northeast community, please feel free to check out our supporting articles.

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