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Northeast: Bottineau

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Bottineau is located in the Northeast community of Minneapolis. The Mississippi River borders it on the west and University Avenue border it to the east. Lowry Avenue NE is the northern end of the neighborhood, which extends to 16th/17th avenues NE in the south. The smaller Bottineau neighborhood derived its name from the famous pioneer, explorer, and leader Pierre Bottineau who bought land in the area in 1845. Today, the neighborhood has a population of close to 1,500 people and is a popular area for many artists to live and work. Bottineau has a perfect combination of features including a large park, a library, restaurants and bars along University Avenue, and its close proximity to downtown. Home prices are affordable, streets are lined with trees, and residents contribute in programs that embellish the neighborhood and improve it for the upcoming years.

Most homes in the neighborhood have Folk American/Victorian or two story Shotgun style aspects, wood-frame buildings that were constructed before 1940. Also, there are single-family homes and many duplexes for rent as well as the more recent Bottineau Commons projects.

There are many different dining options for residents of the Bottineau neighborhood. Jax Cafe has served the families of the Northeast community of Minneapolis devotedly for 75 years. Bill Kozlak, Jr. follows in his father and grandfather¹s footsteps by conserving the rich history of Jax cafe while furthering the claim of second-to-none service. Known for a kind and welcoming environment, Jax Cafe serves the best quality cuts and fresh seafood from many reaches of the world. Understanding that fine food doesn’t need to be flashy, but simply taste delicious, Jax Cafe excites with the finest ingredients, perfect preparation and the heart of a dining experience crafted through three generations.

The Sample Room is one of the Bottineau neighborhood’s most notable venues. Offering brunch, lunch, and dinner menus in addition to providing a full-service bar and winery, The Sample Room is a local favorite.

Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge is a popular and exotic place to visit. This uniquely named place is a discovery and experience all on its own. Visitors love to enter to find out what’s in stores for them, as this tiki bar is sure to provide an experience like none other. They combine lovingly remembered tiki bar history, a healthy helping of tattoo culture, several courses of kitsch, a dash of excitement and a desire for a good time all in one building. Visitors get a feast for the senses that will not be easily forgotten.

The Bottineau neighborhood is home to three parks. They include:

Edgewater Park: A small, 2.13-acre park located along the banks of the Mississippi River, Edgewater Park is perfect for those desiring a scenic overlook. The park features walking paths and picnic areas in addition to its overlook.

Gluek Park: Gluek Park is located on the western edge of the Bottineau neighborhood, along the edge of the Mississippi River. A popular wedding destination, Gluek Park is known for its scenic beauty. With its river access, walking paths, and picnic areas, Gluek Park is the ideal location for passive recreation.

Bottineau Field Park: Bottineau Field Park is the largest park in Bottineau neighborhood. At 7.18 acres, Bottineau Field Park offers visitors ample opportunities for active outdoor recreation. Amenities include a basketball court, baseball, softball, soccer, and football fields, a sand volleyball court, wading pool, playground, and picnic areas. With its central location within the neighborhood and its rich amenities, Bottineau Field Park is a busy, community destination year-round.

If you have any questions regarding the city of Minneapolis, the Northeast Community, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to visit Twin Cities Property Finder or call 1-800-909-1953.