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Northeast: Beltrami

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The Beltrami neighborhood is in the Northeast community of Minneapolis. Broadway Street NE borders it on the north, Interstate 35W on the east, Hennepin Avenue East on the south, and on Central Avenue NE and Harrison Street NE on the west. Both the Beltrami neighborhood and the local park are named after Giacomo Constantino Beltrami, an early 19th century Italian jurist, scholar and explorer.

The neighborhood’s early days experienced an influx of mostly Italian and Swedish immigrants. Much like that of other neighborhoods in northeast Minneapolis, several artists have set up studios in Beltrami. Large zones of industrial property cover the southwestern part of the neighborhood, while the rest is devoted to single-family dwellings scattered with low-rise, multi-family homes. Beltrami is a smaller neighborhood that is just a few minutes from downtown Minneapolis, the University of Minnesota, and The Quarry retail center. The neighborhood’s convenient location adds value for its 1,200 residents in making it easy for locals to get to jobs, shopping, school, and entertainment.

There are several dining options within the neighborhood. Elegant and casual, characteristic and delicious, Eli’s East Food and Cocktails offers exceptional food in a sincere, welcoming environment. They are the  go-to place for locals to enjoy a burger with the family, share a fine steak dinner with a loved one, or celebrate a holiday or life event. They feature fresh ingredients, several housemade items, including the popular house-cured pastrami and an assortment of cellos, specials weekly, late-night dining, and a full bar and cocktail menu.

Another dining option is Legends Bar & Grill. The Legends Bar & Grill is the perfect place to grab some drinks and connect with the community. This popular late-night hangout is the place to be during any major, televised, athletic event.

One of the more unique organizations found within the Beltrami neighborhood is the Friends of the 261. A society that preserves and recreates luxury train ride experiences, the Friends of the 261 organize several excursions throughout the year in addition to providing custom events. Guests can experience true luxury while riding on one of the organization’s several renovated train cars. Excursions often travel across-country, giving passengers an authentic experience.

The Beltrami neighborhood is home to just one park:

Beltrami Park: Beltrami Park is just over 8 acres in size and a local favorite destination. The park is busy throughout the year with its numerous amenities. Beltrami Park hosts a playground, bocce courts, soccer and softball fields, tennis courts, a sand volleyball court and a basketball court. Visitors can also enjoy the wading pool, picnic areas, and restrooms. As one of only a few parks in Minneapolis to offer bocce ball, organized games take place on a weekly basis during the warmer months.

If you have any questions regarding the city of Minneapolis, the Northeast Community, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to visit Twin Cities Property Finder or call 1-800-909-1953.