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Nokomis: Page

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The Page neighborhood is on Minneapolis’ south side, and within the Nokomis community. The neighborhood, as well as so many other neighborhoods in Minneapolis, took its name from the local elementary school. Page Elementary School was named after Walter Hines Page, who was an American editor and diplomat born in the mid 1850’s. The neighborhood is mainly residential with Pearl Park in the very center.

Page signifies one of the top neighborhoods of South Minneapolis. Excellent residential areas characterize the neighborhood with convenient access to commercial and recreational locations inside the big city.  Natural landmarks make the neighborhood, with its many parks, green spaces and bodies of water, including Diamond Lake and Minnehaha Creek, a place full of charming scenery. Among the households, more than 90% are single-family homes with styles ranging from early 20th century two-story colonial, Tudors, and 1950’s Ramblers. With 4,500 residents, this neighborhood projects the pleasantries of a charming community that is in close proximity to the big city.

A major landmark within the neighborhood is the Minnehaha Bunny. A gateway landmark for Page and the surrounding neighborhoods, the Minnehaha Bunny is a favorite location for the community. Kids love to climb and play along the sculpture, and it makes a common meeting place among locals. Since 2002 the bunny has been a staple of the local community.

The Page neighborhood is home to one large park:

Pearl Park: Pearl Park is located in the center of the Page neighborhood. At nearly 30 acres, there are plenty of amenities for visitors to enjoy. With baseball and softball fields, a basketball court, football and soccer fields, hockey and ice skating rinks, a picnic area, pickleball, tennis and volleyball courts, a playground, and a wading pool, there are seemingly endless outdoor recreation opportunities. Pearl Park is commonly used for little league soccer, football, hockey and baseball. Additionally, the park’s large open spaces make it perfect for a game of catch or to exercise the dog.

Additionally, while not located within the neighborhood, Page shares the northern border of another large park:

Diamond Lake Park: Diamond Lake Park is a large, natural wildlife preserve that shares the name of the neighborhood Diamond Lake. Home to a wide variety of wildlife and migratory waterfowl, the park encompasses 81 acres and is a beautiful destination for nature enthusiasts. Residents and visitors are able to take a canoe out on the lake in the warmer months or go snowshoeing across during the winter. The park’s completely undeveloped nature makes it a wonderful addition to the area.

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