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Nokomis: Northrop

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Northrop is located in the southern portion of the city of Minneapolis and within the Nokomis community. Along with many other neighborhoods in Minneapolis, Northrop is named for its elementary school. Northrop Elementary derives its name from Cyrus Northrop, second president of the University of Minnesota. It shares with Field neighborhood located west of Northrop, an active business center at Chicago Avenue and 48th Street. Restaurants, shops, a theater and other facilities are around this busy intersection.

Northrop is positioned less than 5 miles from downtown Minneapolis, and just east of 35W as well as about halfway between Lake Harriet and Lake Nokomis. There were two main developmental waves that were the cause for the housing areas found in Northrop. The first surge was in the 1920’s and 30’s, started by the use of stucco, with larger two-storey Tudor homes. The second surge occurred after WW II, highlighting story-and-a-half starter homes often built with brick.

Sovereign Grounds is one of the most unique businesses within the neighborhood. A coffee shop and playroom, Sovereign Grounds prides itself for being a kid-friendly coffeehouse. Parents are encouraged to bring their children of all ages along and allow them to play in the playhouse while they enjoy their coffee. Sovereign Grounds roasts their beans in-house daily, and they also offer a light food menu in addition to their full-service coffee offerings.

Bagu Sushi is a local restaurant specializing in Japanese and Thai foods. A more upscale restaurant, Bagu Sushi offers premium seafoods and sushis. Guests can enjoy dining indoors or outdoors.

Bikes and Pieces is a local bicycle shop and repair center. What makes the store so unique is their habit of turning recycled bikes into pieces of art. In addition to enjoying a good selection of bikes and services, guests can also admire the unique bike-related artwork that is on display.

While this small neighborhood does not offer much in the way of commercial amenities, it offers a residential haven within the large city of Minneapolis. Many families live here, and commute to the downtown area for work, utilizing the convenient transportation options available. Northrop is the ideal location in which to live for those looking for a quieter neighborhood that is near larger commercial areas.

The Northrop neighborhood is home to just one park:

McRae Park: McRae is an almost 8-acre park located in the central-west side of the Northrop neighborhood. Visitors enjoy the baseball and softball fields, basketball court, football field, picnic areas, playground, tennis and volleyball courts, and the wading pool. Additionally, McRae offers visitors access to a year-round ice skating rink. A popular destination for ice skating, hockey, and broomball, the McRae Ice Skating Center is a central point in the local neighborhood.

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