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Nokimis: Parks & Trails

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The Nokomis community is home to 11 distinct neighborhoods in Minneapolis, each with their own park offerings. With park land ranging from small neighborhood parks to massive, regional reserves, there are many parks for residents and visitors alike to be excited about. The parks found within the Nokomis community include the following:

The Diamond Lake neighborhood is home to four parks. They include:

Diamond Lake Park: Diamond Lake Park is a large, natural wildlife preserve that shares the name of the Diamond Lake neighborhood. Home to a wide variety of wildlife and migratory waterfowl, the park encompasses 81 acres and is a beautiful destination for nature enthusiasts. Residents are able to take a canoe out on the lake in the warmer months or go snowshoeing across during the winter. The park’s completely undeveloped nature makes it a wonderful addition to the neighborhood’s park system.

Todd Park: Todd Park is a 13-acre park located adjacent to Diamond Lake Park. Unlike its park neighbor, Todd Park is highly developed and full of amenities. Guests can enjoy a baseball/softball field, playground, tennis court, drinking fountains, and walking paths. The park’s central location makes it an important community location in the Diamond Lake neighborhood, and each year it is the host of the Picnic in the Park Festival.

Edward C. Solomon Park: Edward C. Solomon Park is named after a recent park commissioner of the same namesake. At over 45 acres, this large park is cherished by the community. Known simply as Solomon Park, the park is comprised of fields, hills, wetlands, and a small pond. Visitors to the park can enjoy the wildlife and open space. Additionally, Solomon Park is home to an archery range where residents can practice their archery skills on hay bale targets.

Lake Nokomis Park: While the majority of the park is located in the surrounding neighborhoods, the Diamond Lake neighborhood is home to a section of Lake Nokomis Park.

The Ericsson neighborhood is home to only one park:

Lake Hiawatha Park: Lake Hiawatha Park is a very large, community park that encompasses almost half of the Ericsson neighborhood. At 240 acres, the park has plenty to offer for visitors. 140 acres of the park are part of the Hiawatha Golf Club. The remaining 100 acres is comprised of Lake Hiawatha itself and a park. In addition to enjoying the golf course, visitors can be active utilizing the basketball court, cross-country ski trails, fishing piers, hockey rink, horseshoe pit, ice skating rink, picnic area, playground, soccer field, softball field, tennis courts, walking trails, and wading pool. Lake Hiawatha Park offers restroom facilities and features an art sculpture from a local Minnesota artist. The park also offers a beach where visitors can swim in the lake during the warmer months.

While the Field neighborhood does not have any established parks, the Minnehaha Creek Parkway runs along the southern end of the Field neighborhood. Visitors can enjoy the creek while biking and running along the paths or having a picnic.

The Hale neighborhood is home to one park as well as some scenic trails:

Lake Nokomis Park: While the majority of the park is located in the surrounding neighborhoods, Hale is home to a section of Lake Nokomis Park.

In addition to Lake Nokomis Park, residents of the Hale neighborhood can also enjoy the scenic trails found on the north end of the neighborhood. Located along Minnehaha Creek, the trails are perfect for bikers or walkers.

The Keewaydin neighborhood contains two parks. They include:

Keewaydin Park: Keewaydin Park is attached to the local elementary school making it ideal for younger families. The park is 4 acres in size and offers a wealth of amenities for visitors to enjoy. Amenities include a picnic area, playground, soccer field, softball fields, walking paths and a wading pool. The smaller size and relaxed nature of this park make it perfect for visitors of all ages and interests, especially during the warmer months.

Lake Nokomis Park: The Keewaydin neighborhood contains the majority of Lake Nokomis Park. A massive park at over 400 acres, Lake Nokomis Park services the Diamond Lake, Hale, Keewaydin, and Wenonah neighborhoods. Amenities at the park are seemingly endless and include baseball and softball fields, biking and walking paths, a decorative fountain, fishing piers, football and soccer fields, pickleball and tennis courts, a playground, picnic areas with a grill, a pond hockey rink, and public art sculptures throughout. Additionally, visitors can make use of the lake. Lake Nokomis is one of only three sailing lakes in Minneapolis and also offers boat and canoe access. The park has several swimming beaches along the lake’s shores which are wildly popular during the summer months. A great destination for all ages and interests, Lake Nokomis Park is a wonderful park to visit year-round

While the Minnehaha neighborhood does not have any parks located entirely within its neighborhood area, it does house a portion of the large Minnehaha Regional Park that shares its name.

The Morris Park neighborhood is home to one park that shares its name:

Morris Park: Morris Park is located in the center of the Morris Park neighborhood. It offers visitors several amenities to enjoy. They include a picnic area with grill, playground, restroom facility, skate park, soccer field, softball field, and wading pool. Adjacent to the park is a local school, and within the park is the Morris Park Recreation Center. The recreation center offers a community kitchen, craft room, meeting room, and multipurpose room. Visitors to Morris Park enjoy all of the amenities found within the park in addition to the manicured lawns and beautiful gardens.

The Northrop neighborhood is home to just one park:

McRae Park: McRae is an almost 8-acre park located in the central-west side of the Northrop neighborhood. Visitors enjoy the baseball and softball fields, basketball court, football field, picnic areas, playground, tennis and volleyball courts, and the wading pool. Additionally, McRae offers visitors access to a year-round ice skating rink. A popular destination for ice skating, hockey, and broomball, the McRae Ice Skating Center is a central point in the local neighborhood.

The Page neighborhood is home to one large park:

Pearl Park: Pearl Park is located in the center of the Page neighborhood. At nearly 30 acres, there are plenty of amenities for visitors to enjoy. With baseball and softball fields, a basketball court, football and soccer fields, hockey and ice skating rinks, a picnic area, pickleball, tennis and volleyball courts, a playground, and a wading pool, there are seemingly endless outdoor recreation opportunities. Pearl Park is commonly used for little league soccer, football, hockey and baseball. Additionally, the park’s large open spaces make it perfect for a game of catch or to exercise the dog.

Additionally, while not located within the neighborhood, Page shares the northern border of Diamond Lake Park.

The Regina neighborhood does not house any parks, but there are a multitude of options available in the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Wenonah neighborhood is home to two parks. They include:

Bossen Field Park: A 36.5-acre neighborhood park located near the center of the Wenonah neighborhood, Bossen Field Park plays an integral role in the local community. Visitors enjoy baseball and softball fields, a basketball court, a playground, restrooms, soccer fields, a sports facility, and a wading pool. As the only park entirely located in the neighborhood, Bossen Field Park is very popular during the warmer months.

Lake Nokomis Park: While the majority of the park is located in the surrounding neighborhoods, Wenonah is home to a section of Lake Nokomis Park.

If you would like more information regarding the individual neighborhoods found within the Nokomis community, please feel free to check out our supporting articles.

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