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Near North: Sumner-Glenwood

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Located just west of the North Loop Neighborhood in Downtown Minneapolis, the Sumner-Glenwood neighborhood offers the best of traditional urban living. The homes are mainly new constructions with modern features and design details. The neighborhood has something for everyone with its many housing styles. The streets are tree-lined and welcoming and the neighborhood of just 1,000 offers a close-knit community within the large city.

Sumner-Glenwood mirrors Minneapolis’ rich architectural traditions by offering four unique styles: European Romantic, Classic, Victorian, and Craftsman, creating the characteristic neighborhood manifestation seen today.

The neighborhood hosts the International Market Square, which is a regional location that consists of interior design and commercial decorative showrooms, the American Institute of Architects Minnesota offices, and residential loft space.

The YMCA at Heritage Park provides adults 40 years or older the opportunity to experience fitness programs intended for a healthy body, mind, and soul, and overall have a better and more active lifestyle at an inexpensive cost. Located in the neighborhood, the facility does not deny membership to anyone. The goal is to promote a healthy environment for the local community.

The Sumner-Glenwood neighborhood is home to one park as well as lots of open space. These areas include:

Sumner Field Park: Sumner Field Park is the only park located within the Sumner-Glenwood neighborhood. A nearly 5-acre park, Sumner Field Park offers visitors passive outdoor recreation. With trails along the adjacent Bassett’s Creek and all throughout the neighborhood, Sumner Field Park is a central location within the Sumner-Glenwood community. The park features tree-lined walkways, large open fields, drinking fountains, and a restroom facility.

In addition to the park, the Sumner-Glenwood neighborhood has pathways that wind around the entire neighborhood. Adjacent to these pathways are numerous open areas where visitors can enjoy green grass and recreation space. Towards the southern end of the neighborhood, the pathways wrap around two small ponds.

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