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Near North: Near North

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The Near North neighborhood, which is within the Near North community, is pinpointed in the northwest portion of the city of Minneapolis. Near North is a thoroughly diverse, and mainly residential neighborhood with well-involved locals, stunning parkland, and access to commercial areas near Broadway Avenue. The main non-residential buildings are schools, whether it be the community high school, a few charter schools, or religious schools. The Near North neighborhood also hosts several places of worship as well. With 6,000 residents, this neighborhood is a beautiful and charming place to live in the large city of Minneapolis.

Within Near North, there are many styles and housing options available. These include Victorians and Queen Anne style homes built between 1880 through 1920. There are also Craftsman, and Bungalow homes as well. The Sumner Library is a historically recognized structure, and has recently received some remodeling, making it a truly beautiful venue. This library is a local favorite destination to read, work, relax, and recuperate. It is a member of the Hennepin County Library System. A library system that is consistently ranked in the top 10 libraries nationwide, residents have access to all of the books and resources that are a part of this network through an interlibrary loan program.

The SiP Coffee Bar makes delicious muffins, cookies, and bars from-scratch. Their breakfast options include homemade quiche, breakfast sandwiches, egg burritos, yogurt parfaits, and hot oatmeal. SiP is one of the favorite gathering places for the neighborhood. Customers are able to enjoy the store’s relaxing workspace and social areas with comfortable and cozy seating.

The Lundstrum Center for the Performing Arts is an organization that teaches and equips young artists with the skills necessary for Broadway-level performances. The center has a unique relationship with New York’s Broadway scene and hopes to turn out actors and actresses who will be the next talent in Broadway. With singing, acting, and dancing classes as well as private coaching available, the Lundstrum Center is an integral part of the Minneapolis theater scene.

The Near North neighborhood houses three unique parks. They include:

Hall Park: Hall park is a large park located in the Near North neighborhood. At nearly 6 acres, the park offers two distinct sections located on either side of Lyndale Ave. A pedestrian foot bridge connects the two sides. For those desiring more passive recreation, the east side offers walking paths, picnic tables, and a small playground. On the other hand, the west side of the park offers several active recreational options including a basketball court, picnic tables and grills, a playground, and a wading pool. The good mix of amenities and distinct sectors of Hall Park make it a popular destination within the Near North neighborhood.

Bethune Park: Bethune Park is the largest park in the Near North neighborhood. It features a basketball court, picnic area with grill, playground, restroom facility, and wading pool. What makes Bethune Park so unique is the large, open spaces that it offers. Visitors have plenty of room to exercise and explore. Additionally, Bethune park provides one of the most beautiful views of the Minneapolis skyline.

Lovell Square: Lovell Square is only 1.29 acres in size, and offers visitors a quiet, peaceful location in the midst of a bustling city. While there are very few amenities, the park offers a small playground and picnic area, making it a quieter destination within the city.

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