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Near North: Hawthorne

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Split by Interstate 94, Hawthorne was named after the American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne, born in 1804. The neighborhood is situated in north Minneapolis within the Near North community. Hawthorne is mainly a residential neighborhood with single-family houses. The Hawthorne neighborhood is within close proximity to downtown, which offers easy access for employees that work in the business district of the city. The neighborhood has a close and friendly environment that receives new neighbors with ease and is dedicated to constantly improving the quality of life for everyone. With a population of 4,000, this neighborhood offers a residential setting that is close to the downtown area, but exudes a small-town feel.

Hawthorne hosts an array of home styles, with development years spreading over a period of almost 120 years. Some of the more prominent examples include a substantial collection of historic 1885 concrete-block Victorian homes and rowhouses, and 1890’s vintage Queen Anne single-family houses and duplexes fluctuating from mid-century-modern to 21st-century newly developed.

Located off Broadway and 94 and within the neighborhood is Pappy’s Chicago Style Eatery. Take a trip to the Near North community for a taste of Chicago-style heaven. As one of the hidden gems of Minneapolis, the restaurant serves cheese steak sandwiches, Chicago dogs, catfish, cheese curds, burgers, and more.

Another popular location within the neighborhood is the Boom Island Brewing Company. A microbrewery specializing in Belgian-style beers, the Boom Island Brewing Company has developed a loyal following since their debut with “Silvius”, a Belgian-style pale ale.

As one of the largest indoor paintball facilities around, Splatball offers a fun, recreational sport for small or large groups. The city of Minneapolis does not offer much in the way of space to play paintball, making Splatball a good option for beginners and professionals alike.

Legacy Productions is a music studio and school that helps local talent produce their music with the best quality possible. They assist young performers by offering advice, recording equipment, instruction, and marketing strategy in order to make their music the best it can be. Churches, schools, and local bands enjoy using Legacy Productions services to produce and distribute their music.

The Hawthorne neighborhood houses two parks. They include:

Farview Park: Farview Park is the larger of the two parks in the Hawthorne neighborhood. At 21 acres, the park boasts impressive amenities in addition to offering incredible views of the Minneapolis skyline. On one of the park’s hilltops, visitors have a panoramic view of the skyline that is both picturesque and exciting. Amenities at Farview Park include a baseball/softball field, basketball court, biking/walking paths, a football field, picnic areas, an outdoor grill, restrooms and a wading pool. Additionally, the park is home to the Farview Recreation Center. The Farview Recreation Center plays an active role in the neighborhood by providing community events and open space. Visitors can utilize the community kitchen, computer lab, craft room, gymnasium, meeting rooms, and multipurpose room.

Orvin “Ole” Olson Park: Orvin “Ole” Olson Park is a small, 3.5 acre park located along the Mississippi River. Named after a park commissioner, the park features impressive views of the river and the Minneapolis skyline. Visitors will be sure to enjoy the park’s open green space while admiring the impressive skyline and coursing river. Additionally, the park offers biking/walking trails that follow the riverbank and connect with the larger James I. Rice and West River parkways.

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