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Near North: Community Life

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The Near North community offers a very distinct and desirable lifestyle for its residents. Despite being a part of the large, busy city of Minneapolis, the Near North community area is known for its numerous parks, quieter neighborhoods, and close community groups. While this article will not completely encompass every aspect of the Near North community, it will provide a general overview of the six neighborhoods that can be found within the area.

Harrison neighborhood is on the western side of Minneapolis. It received its name from the local Harrison Elementary School, which was named after William Henry Harrison. Harrison was the ninth president of the United States and was born in 1773. Lots of industrial land occupies the Harrison neighborhood on the east side, while the western portion is mostly residential. Harrison is conveniently located just a few minutes from downtown Minneapolis, whether it be driving, biking, or walking. With a population of around 3,000, Harrison offers a more peaceful location in which to live that is in the midst of a large city.

Venture North is one of the most beloved businesses in the Harrison neighborhood. A unique bike shop, Venture North not only provides bike sales and services, but it is a coffee shop as well. Guests can enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting on a repair or browsing the store’s selection. What makes Venture North most unique, however, is their mission. Venture North strives to be a contributor to the overall community. They do this by supporting local leadership programs for youth, offering classes and workshops on biker safety and maintenance, sponsoring an earn-a-bike program for neighborhood members, and providing internships for local youth to learn about bike repair.

Split by Interstate 94, Hawthorne was named after the American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne, born in 1804. The neighborhood is situated in north Minneapolis within the Near North community. Hawthorne is mainly a residential neighborhood with single-family houses. The Hawthorne neighborhood is within close proximity to downtown, which offers easy access for employees that work in the business district of the city. The neighborhood has a close and friendly environment that receives new neighbors with ease and is dedicated to constantly improving the quality of life for everyone. With a population of 4,000, this neighborhood offers a residential setting that is close to the downtown area, but exudes a small-town feel.

Located off Broadway and 94 and within the neighborhood is Pappy’s Chicago Style Eatery. Take a trip to the Near North community for a taste of Chicago-style heaven. As one of the hidden gems of Minneapolis, the restaurant serves cheese steak sandwiches, Chicago dogs, catfish, cheese curds, burgers, and more. Another popular location within the neighborhood is the Boom Island Brewing Company. A microbrewery specializing in Belgian-style beers, the Boom Island Brewing Company has developed a loyal following since their debut with “Silvius”, a Belgian-style pale ale.

As one of the largest indoor paintball facilities around, Splatball offers a fun, recreational sport for small or large groups. The city of Minneapolis does not offer much in the way of space to play paintball, making Splatball a good option for beginners and professionals alike.

Legacy Productions is a music studio and school that helps local talent produce their music with the best quality possible. They assist young performers by offering advice, recording equipment, instruction, and marketing strategy in order to make their music the best it can be. Churches, schools, and local bands enjoy using Legacy Productions services to produce and distribute their music.

The Jordan neighborhood, positioned in Minneapolis’ northwest, derived its name from a neighborhood junior high school, which was named after Minneapolis Public Schools Superintendent Emeritus Charles Morison Jordan. The neighborhood is mainly a residential area, but is bordered by businesses ranging from coffee shops to restaurants to services, making room for the interior of the neighborhood to consist of housing. Jordan’s location is excellent and convenient. It is just a short distance from the employment of downtown Minneapolis, and has a residential population of around 8,000.

An important organization within the neighborhood is the Jerry Gamble Club. The Jerry Gamble Club is a branch of the Boys and Girls Club of America and provides programming for local youth. Whether it be sports and arts programs, college and career preparation, life skills courses, or leadership initiatives, the Jerry Gamble Club plays an integral role in supporting the local youth. Residents of the Jordan neighborhood have access to the North Regional Library. The North Regional Library is open to the public and belongs to the Hennepin County Library system. A library system that is consistently ranked in the top 10 libraries nationwide, residents have access to all of the books and resources that are a part of this network through an interlibrary loan program.

The Capri Theater is operated by the Plymouth Christian Youth Center. The goal of this theater, located along Broadway Avenue, is to develop the drama skills for youth of the Minneapolis area. The center is a place where youth are taken care of, cherished and tested. At the end of it all, they have to opportunity to perform and showcase their newfound skills.

The Lowry Cafe is a popular breakfast venue for early morning get-togethers. Their attention to detail and outstanding service make them a favorite for the morning meal. If you love breakfast, the café is for you, as their serving portions are larger in size than normal restaurants. This café is an ideal place to visit for newer locals, a fact that any current resident will attest to.

The Near North neighborhood, which is within the Near North community, is pinpointed in the northwest portion of the city of Minneapolis. Near North is a thoroughly diverse, and mainly residential neighborhood with well involved locals, stunning parkland, and access to commercial areas near Broadway Avenue. The main non-residential buildings are schools, whether it be the community high school, a few charter schools, or religious schools. Near North also hosts several places of worship as well. With 6,000 residents, this neighborhood is a beautiful and charming place to live in the large city of Minneapolis.

The SiP Coffee Bar makes delicious muffins, cookies, and bars from-scratch. Their breakfast options include homemade quiche, breakfast sandwiches, egg burritos, yogurt parfaits, and hot oatmeal. SiP is one of the favorite gathering places for the neighborhood. Customers are able to enjoy the store’s relaxing workspace and social areas with comfortable and cozy seating.

The Lundstrum Center for the Performing Arts is an organization that teaches and equips young artists with the skills necessary for Broadway-level performances. The center has a unique relationship with New York’s Broadway scene and hopes to turn out actors and actresses who will be the next talent in Broadway. With singing, acting, and dancing classes as well as private coaching available, the Lundstrum Center is an integral part of the Minneapolis theater scene.

Located a few blocks west of Downtown Minneapolis, the Sumner-Glenwood neighborhood offers the best of traditional urban living. The homes are mainly new constructions with modern features and design details. The neighborhood has something for everyone with its many housing styles. The streets are tree-lined and welcoming and the neighborhood of just 1,000 offers a close-knit community within the large city.

The neighborhood hosts the International Market Square, which is a regional location that consists of interior design and commercial decorative showrooms, the American Institute of Architects Minnesota offices, and residential loft space.

The YMCA at Heritage Park provides adults 40 years or older the opportunity to experience fitness programs intended for a healthy body, mind, and soul, and overall have a better and more active lifestyle at an inexpensive cost. Located in the neighborhood, the facility does not deny membership to anyone. The goal is to promote a healthy environment for the local community.

The Willard Hay neighborhood, which is within the Near North community, is located in the northwest area of the city of Minneapolis. Willard Hay is a diverse, and mainly residential neighborhood with friendly locals, lots of parkland, and access to commercial areas. With over 8,000 residents, this neighborhood is a beautiful and charming place to live in the large city of Minneapolis.

Pair of Dice Pizza has been a neighborhood favorite since 2001. The pizza dough is baked flawlessly and laden with a combination of their very own signature sauce, meats, cheeses, and any other toppings customers may prefer. Not only are they known for pizza, but their rib tips are very popular as well.

The Willard Hay Community Garden is a very popular destination. With plots available for residents to rent and even a children’s garden for kids in the neighborhood, the community garden provides a means for residents to enjoy fresh produce. The garden has been a staple of the community since its creation in 1996.

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