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City of Minnetonka Beach: Parks, Trials & Beaches

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The small city of Minnetonka Beach is located on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. As one of the lakeshore cities surrounding Lake Minnetonka, Minnetonka Beach holds a special reverence for the beautiful lake and the lifestyle that it offers. By far, Lake Minnetonka is the reason that residents choose to reside in the area.

Lake Minnetonka: Lake Minnetonka has a very close-knit community and connection to it helps to link Minnetonka Beach to its neighboring cities. In addition to its scenic beauty, Lake Minnetonka has a number of Yacht clubs, and community events that take place in and around it throughout the year. Minnetonka Beach was named after this lake, and the residents enjoy the incredible amenities that the lake offers.

Minnetonka Beach also contains a few parks which offer additional amenities to its residents. Because of the small, primarily residential nature of this city, the parks are limited in what they can offer. Still, Minnetonka Beach is able to provide both passive and active outdoor recreation options at its parks.

At Ray Peters Park, residents enjoy walking trails through a natural wooded area. For those desiring greater open space, the Lafayette Park offers just that. A large, open field, Lafayette Park is a perfect location to throw a frisbee or exercise the dog.

For children in the area, Half Moon Park is the ideal location. It offers a playground as well as picnic tables. This arrangement makes it an ideal location for a summer afternoon. Additionally, it is across the street from the Ray Peters Park trails and close to Beach Park. Beach Park offers a small sandy beach and swimming area as well as boat docks. This makes it a very popular destination in the warmer months, as it provides public access to Lake Minnetonka.

Dakota Rail Trail: The Dakota Rail Trail consists of 21.3 miles of hard surface biking and walking trails that stretch from the city of Wayzata all the way to Mayer, Minnesota. Along the entire trail, bikers and walkers are treated to scenic panoramas of Lake Minnetonka. The portion through Minnetonka Beach stretches across the entire city and links it to its neighboring cities of Orono and Spring Park.