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City of Minnetonka Beach: Community Life

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The community in Minnetonka Beach, Minnesota is defined by its connection to Lake Minnetonka. As one of the small, lakeshore cities surrounding Lake Minnetonka, Minnetonka Beach enjoys the dynamic and active community found on the lake’s shores. While the lake is the primary social outlet for Minnetonka Beach’s residents, there are still a number of factors within the city that help to build local community.

The first factor in Minnetonka Beach’s community is its village atmosphere. With 230 homes and 540 residents, Minnetonka Beach represents a very small population. Through careful city planning and deliberate usage of park spaces, Minnetonka Beach retains a “village” atmosphere while still being a city. Despite its small size, Minnetonka Beach offers a few notable amenities. While the city is mainly residential the exception is found in the Lafayette Club and St. Martin’s Church.

The Lafayette Club is Minnetonka Beach’s most well-known business. A full-service resort located on Lake Minnetonka, the Lafayette Club showcases a Spanish-style clubhouse built in 1924. Featuring a large ballroom, meeting and hotel rooms, fine and casual dining, an indoor pool, and a fitness center, this clubhouse offers rich amenities for the Club’s members. The Club’s grounds include a 9 hole lakeside golf course, outdoor pool, patio, docks, and tennis facility. A popular location for wedding receptions, golf tournaments, and lakeside getaways, the Lafayette Club is a unique retreat for all seasons and occasions

The other popular landmark located within the city is St. Martin’s by-the-lake Episcopal Church. This historic church offers worship services for the city’s residents and is a landmark building on the shores of Lake Minnetonka.

While residents of Minnetonka Beach are limited in their dining, shopping, and entertainment options within the city, their convenient location enables them to enjoy these amenities from their larger, neighboring cities. Located directly next to Spring Park, Orono, and Tonka Bay, residents of Minnetonka Beach can easily enjoy a separation of home and business. Additionally, with their connection to Lake Minnetonka, residents can take their boats to the other lakeshore cities and enjoy community events and amenities in that way. Minnetonka Beach is only about 18 miles away from the city of Minneapolis, and its residents are able to enjoy the big city amenities while living in a comfortable, close community. The convenient location that Minnetonka Beach offers and the luxurious homes found within the city, help to  make Minnetonka Beach a very popular area in which to live.