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Longfellow: Parks & Trails

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The Longfellow community within the city of Minneapolis is home to a number of parks. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy anything from a small neighborhood park to a large, regional preservation. The parks in the community include:

The Cooper neighborhood is home to one park:

Brackett Field Park: Brackett Field Park is the only park located within the Cooper neighborhood. At 10.32 acres, this sizeable park offers numerous amenities for visitors to enjoy. Amenities include a baseball/softball field, playground, skate park, soccer field, tennis courts, wading pool, picnic areas with a grill, restrooms, and walking paths. Additionally, Brackett Field Park is home to the famous Brackett Rocket. A large, 35-foot sculpture depicting a rocket taking off, this sculpture adds historical significance to the park as it was added during the Cold War. Its symbolism makes it an educational landmark in addition to adding excitement to the park.

The Hiawatha neighborhood is home to two parks. They include:

Hiawatha School Park: A 4-acre park located adjacent to the local elementary school, Hiawatha School Park is an active destination ideal for families and young children. The park offers a basketball court, hockey and ice skating rinks, playground, soccer and softball fields, tennis courts, and a wading pool. For those desiring passive recreation the park also offers gardens and a picnic area. A great location for entertaining the whole family, Hiawatha School Park is a staple of the local community and school system.

Minnehaha Regional Park: Minnehaha Regional Park is one of the oldest and most visited parks within the entire state of Minnesota. This is largely due to its beautiful scenery and unique attractions. At 167.24 acres, the park encompasses a significant portion of the Hiawatha neighborhood. The biggest attraction at the park is its 53-foot waterfall. Minnehaha Falls is incredibly scenic year-round, with gushing water during the warmer months and a frozen ice crystal drop off in the wintertime. Visitors from all around travel here to see the falls and take pictures. Other attractions include limestone bluffs, a river, bandstand, biking paths, decorative fountains, a disc golf course, gardens, picnic areas, a playground, numerous art sculptures, volleyball courts, a wading pool, and trails. Also located within the park is the Sea Salt Eatery which offers fresh seafood, wine, beer, ice cream, and more. Encompassing the southern half of the Hiawatha neighborhood, Minnehaha Regional Park is an integral part of the local community, and each year it draws in more than 850,000 visitors.

The Howe neighborhood is home to two parks. They are:

Longfellow Park: Longfellow Park is an 8 acre park located within the Howe neighborhood. It offers numerous amenities for visitors including a basketball court, football field, hockey and ice skating rinks, a picnic area with grills, playground, restrooms, tennis court, wading pool, and walking paths. Located on the northern edge of the neighborhood, Longfellow Park is a great destination for the whole family with no shortage of recreational activities to get involved with.

Mississippi Gorge Regional Park: Mississippi Gorge Regional Park is a wildlife sanctuary and natural area located within the Howe neighborhood. At 132 acres, this massive park houses beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife. More than 150 species of migratory birds can be seen among the hardwood forests and steep bluffs found within the park. While there are not very many amenities offered within the park itself, visitors can venture throughout on numerous biking/walking paths and appreciate the untouched nature of the park.

The Seward neighborhood is home to one park:

Matthews Park: Matthews Park is the only park found within the Seward neighborhood. At 10 acres, it offers a good variety of amenities for its guests. Included within the park is a basketball court, biking/walking paths, a broomball rink, garden, picnic area with grill, hockey rink and ice skating rink, soccer field, softball field, tennis court, sand volleyball court, and a wading pool. Additionally, the park is home to a recreation center offering further amenities for guests including a community kitchen and a gymnasium.

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