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Longfellow: Hiawatha

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The Hiawatha neighborhood is one of five neighborhoods located within the Longfellow community. The neighborhood derived its name for its elementary school, Hiawatha. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the American poet born in 1807, made the names Hiawatha and Minnehaha famous in his poem, The Song of Hiawatha. The Longfellow community in which Hiawatha resides is well known for the Mississippi River and its biking and walking trails on the east, or historic Minnehaha Falls. There is also the lush, Midtown Greenway bike path on its northern border. It can be difficult to choose just one attractive and popular feature in the community.

Hiawatha provides an affordable, friendly, diverse and beautiful neighborhood, with scenery that is second to none. Manageable and aesthetically pleasing, Hiawatha offers the ideal location for Craftsman cottages. The neighborhood is one of the best places for those looking to be in close proximity to the downtown area of Minneapolis, while still having a private, scenic, and family-friendly environment. With one-third of the neighborhood set aside for parkland, and a population of over 5,000, this neighborhood is one of the prettiest places to live in the city of Minneapolis.

The Hiawatha neighborhood is home to two parks. They include:

Hiawatha School Park: A 4-acre park located adjacent to the local elementary school, Hiawatha School Park is an active destination ideal for families and young children. The park offers a basketball court, hockey and ice skating rinks, playground, soccer and softball fields, tennis courts, and a wading pool. For those desiring passive recreation the park also offers gardens and a picnic area. A great location for entertaining the whole family, Hiawatha School Park is a staple of the local community and school system.

Minnehaha Regional Park: Minnehaha Regional Park is one of the oldest and most visited parks within the entire state of Minnesota. This is largely due to its beautiful scenery and unique attractions. At 167.24 acres, the park encompasses a significant portion of the Hiawatha neighborhood. The biggest attraction at the park is its 53-foot waterfall. Minnehaha Falls is incredibly scenic year-round, with gushing water during the warmer months and a frozen ice crystal drop off in the wintertime. Visitors from all around travel here to see the falls and take pictures. Other attractions include limestone bluffs, a river, bandstand, biking paths, decorative fountains, a disc golf course, gardens, picnic areas, a playground, numerous art sculptures, volleyball courts, a wading pool, and trails. Also located within the park is the Sea Salt Eatery which offers fresh seafood, wine, beer, ice cream, and more. Encompassing the southern half of the Hiawatha neighborhood, Minnehaha Regional Park is an integral part of the local community, and each year it draws in more than 850,000 visitors.

While about 30% of the neighborhood is dedicated to parks, the rest of Hiawatha is devoted to residential space. Although there are not many commercial attractions within the neighborhood, Hiawatha offers a lifestyle that has a small-town feel compared to many other neighborhood areas within the big city pf Minneapolis. It is an attractive spot for those seeking a quiet, scenic lifestyle surrounded by urban amenities.

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