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Longfellow: Cooper

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The Cooper neighborhood is one of five neighborhoods located within the Longfellow community. The neighborhood’s name originated from an elementary school named after James Fenimore Cooper, who was an American author born in 1789. The Longfellow community in which Cooper resides is well known for the Mississippi River and its biking and walking trails on the east, or historic Minnehaha Falls. There is also the lush, Midtown Greenway bike path on its northern border. It can be difficult to choose what the most attractive and popular feature in the community is. One can’t overlook Lake Street, which travels from Longfellow to the Mississippi, offering a massive collection of shops and businesses. From sushi to burgers, motor scooters to car shops, veterinary clinics to coffee, you can find it all in the area.

Cooper provides an affordable, welcoming, cultured and walkable neighborhood, with scenery that is jaw-dropping. Cooper may be best known for its bungalows. It was named a Traditional Bungalow Neighborhood, and its unique homes are presented in numerous magazines and books. Made to be affordable, manageable and most of all aesthetically pleasing, Cooper offers the perfect location for Craftsman cottages. With a population of close to 4,000, Cooper is the perfect place for those looking for close proximity to the downtown area of the city, while still having a private, beautiful, and friendly environment.

Minnehaha Academy is a faith-based learning community that has been around for a century. Private and Christian, the school’s focus is outward by accepting the outside influences that grow and shape students. With a firm standing in academic thoroughness, faithful service, and in providing an exciting community, this school is a wonderful place to gain an education. Despite its small size, there is no limit to what it provides in its curriculum, athletics, and activities.  

The Cooper neighborhood has its own shopping sector. Located along the East Lake Street, residents and visitors can find great shopping, dining and entertainment options. One of the most popular businesses is the Longfellow Grill. An urban diner serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Longfellow Grill is known for its good food and exciting atmosphere. Located on the Mississippi River, patrons enjoy the views that the restaurant offers. The Blue Moon Coffee Cafe is a quieter location within the Cooper neighborhood. It offers great coffee in addition to a variety of bakery and sandwich items. Additionally, it acts as a local drop off destination for fresh produce from Webster Farm Organics. Visitors can opt in to pick up household vegetables throughout the warmer months. The Dogwood Coffee Bar is another coffee shop located in Cooper. With a focus on sustainable practices and single-cup coffee brewing, the Dogwood Coffee Bar offers a unique coffee shop experience.

The Cooper neighborhood is home to one park:

Brackett Field Park: Brackett Field Park is the only park located within the Cooper neighborhood. At 10.32 acres, this sizeable park offers numerous amenities for visitors to enjoy. Amenities include a baseball/softball field, playground, skate park, soccer field, tennis courts, wading pool, picnic areas with a grill, restrooms, and walking paths. Additionally, Brackett Field Park is home to the famous Brackett Rocket. A large, 35-foot sculpture depicting a rocket taking off, this sculpture adds historical significance to the park as it was added during the Cold War. Its symbolism makes it an educational landmark in addition to adding excitement to the park.

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