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Longfellow: Community Life

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The Longfellow community is one of the quieter and more close-knit communities found within the city of Minneapolis. Each of its 5 neighborhoods have unique businesses, restaurants, entertainment venues, and community organizations to offer their residents. While residents enjoy the individual identities that their neighborhoods have, each neighborhood contributes to the overall Longfellow community. For those who are desiring a community-centered, environmentally aware, and socially-responsible community, Longfellow is a good choice.

The Cooper neighborhood has its own shopping sector. Located along the East Lake Street, residents and visitors can find great shopping, dining and entertainment options. One of the most popular businesses is the Longfellow Grill. An urban diner serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Longfellow Grill is known for its good food and exciting atmosphere. Located on the Mississippi River, patrons enjoy the views that the restaurant offers. The Blue Moon Coffee Cafe is a quieter location within the Cooper neighborhood. It offers great coffee in addition to a variety of bakery and sandwich items. Additionally, it acts as a local drop off destination for fresh produce from Webster Farm Organics. Visitors can opt in to pick up household vegetables throughout the warmer months. The Dogwood Coffee Bar is another coffee shop located in Cooper. With a focus on sustainable practices and single-cup coffee brewing, the Dogwood Coffee Bar offers a unique coffee shop experience.

Minnehaha Academy is a faith based learning community that has been around for a century. A private Christian school located in the Cooper neighborhood, the school’s focus is outward by accepting the outside influences that grow and shape students. With a firm standing in academic thoroughness, faithful service, and in providing an exciting community, this school is wonderful place to gain an education. Despite its small size, there is no limit to what it provides in its curriculum, athletics, and activities.  

The Hiawatha neighborhood is one of five neighborhoods located within the Longfellow community. The neighborhood derived its name for its elementary school, Hiawatha. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the American poet born in 1807, made the names Hiawatha and Minnehaha famous in his poem, The Song of Hiawatha. The Longfellow community in which Hiawatha resides is well known for the Mississippi River and its biking and walking trails on the east, or historic Minnehaha Falls. There is also the lush, Midtown Greenway bike path on its northern border. It can be difficult to choose just one attractive and popular feature in the community.

Hiawatha provides an affordable, friendly, diverse and beautiful neighborhood, with scenery that is second to none. Manageable and aesthetically pleasing, Hiawatha offers the ideal location for Craftsman cottages. The neighborhood is one of the best places for those looking to be in close proximity to the downtown area of Minneapolis, while still having a private, scenic, and family-friendly environment. With one-third of the neighborhood set aside for parkland, and a population of over 5,000, this neighborhood is one of the prettiest places to live in the city of Minneapolis.

There are many unique restaurants located within the Howe neighborhood. The Blue Door Pub is one of the neighborhood’s most famous establishments. One of two Blue Door restaurants in the state, the Longfellow branch is the newer of the two restaurants. The Blue Door Pub is known for its engaging atmosphere, good food, and most of all, its Blucy’s. A Blucy is the Blue Door’s original take on a Minnesotan invention, the Juicy Lucy. A burger that has molten cheese cooked on the inside of two patties, the Blue Door Pub’s Blucy burgers have won numerous awards and are a local favorite. The Rail Station Bar and Grill is a another popular establishment within the neighborhood. Located next to the railroad tracks, this family-run restaurant is popular for its lively atmosphere and frequent events. The restaurant has a meat raffle every Wednesday and Friday where patrons can walk away with free meat. Additionally on Saturday, the restaurant hosts a bingo and meat raffle day for even more fun giveaways.

One of the most popular coffee shops for the locals of Howe is the Fireroast Cafe. In addition to other menu options, the cafe takes great pride in its coffee, viewing it as an art. They enjoy serving the freshest, most delicious cup of coffee to their customers which keeps them coming back for more. A local wine bar and café is the Riverview Wine Bar. This family friendly location is very popular for first dates and meals before movie showings at the Riverview Theater which is kitty-corner to the wine bar. Whether it’s enjoying “today’s special” or selecting the seasonal wine, the Riverview Wine Bar is a wonderful dining experience.

There are many notable businesses located within the Longfellow neighborhood. The Hub Bike Co-op is just one of the local favorites. A neighborhood expert on all things related to bicycles, the Hub offers patrons great service and wonderful expertise. The Hub’s unique co-op business model means that every full-time worker is part of the governing body for the company. Each worker earns living wages that support home ownership and having a family. This is made possible by the fact that the company is not run with profit in mind. Rather, it operates to better the community and the lives of its workers. This mentality is part of what makes the Hub such a revered business. Harriet Brewing Company is another unique business located within the neighborhood. The Harriet Brewing Company is a microbrewery that started off in a garage west of Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. After gaining recognition for their West Side Belgian-Style IPA, the brewery grew to what it is today. With tours open to the public, numerous beer brews, and live concerts throughout the year, the Harriet Brewing Company adds a unique zest to the Longfellow neighborhood. Residents also enjoy the East Lake Library, numerous theaters and dance studios, and a chain of nationally-recognized franchises.

With a longing to produce genuine Nepalese cuisine in the heart of the Twin Cities, The Himalayan Restaurant’s chefs do just that within the Longfellow neighborhood. Visitors will get to experience the flavors of Nepal, Tibet and India at the Himalayan Restaurant. They also offer the melting pot of Nepali, Indian and Tibetan cuisine. They have a specific chief for each cuisine in order to maintain the authentic quality. Zeke’s Unchained Animal, a local favorite, is a wonderful bar to grab a meal and enjoy some of Minnesota’s finest breweries. The name is one of its biggest curiosity factors, and visitor’s love finding out the meaning as they enter the bar. With a great drink selection and peaceful atmosphere, the local Lake Coffee House provides an escape from the business of everyday life with a relaxing environment. They also host an open mic night on the weekend where any local talent is welcomed to perform in front of an easy-going audience.

Seward is attached to downtown, the international airport and the Mall of America through the light-rail line. Seward’s knowledge of community and combination of residential, commercial, and industrial uses gives the neighborhood the sensation of an urban village within a large city area. Seward has a blend of housing types, with larger high and mid-rise apartment buildings, duplexes that are available, and single-family homes from the late 1800’s. With a population of over 7,500 residents, this urban wilderness is a great community in which to live.

One of Seward’s most cherished organizations is the Seward Co-op. A food co-op located on the northern side of the neighborhood, members enjoy fresh produce that is typically locally-sourced and organic. Because it is a co-op, members of the store enjoy part ownership and have access to unique discounts. The Playwrights Center is an arts establishment located in the neighborhood. As one of the leading authorities on writing for theatrical productions, the Playwrights Center hosts top talent from around the nation. With workshops, classes, and collaborative teams available, the nation’s top playwrights can develop their talent and create new productions.

The Birchwood Café, located within the Seward community, is a favorite for any meal, at any time of the day. They serve an array of breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and snack menu items. Visitors will not be disappointed with the delicious food. The Seward Cafe is a collectively-owned dining establishment serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With food that is vegan friendly, organic, and without GMOs, it offers a healthy option for those seeking sustainable foods. The Cabooze is a music club in the neighborhood that offers special deals to view talented groups and individuals while enjoying food and drink. Some are nationally famous such as AWOLNATION and Hoodie Allen. This music club is the perfect neighborhood hangout for a fun and exciting weekend evening with friends.

While this article does not provide a comprehensive listing of all that the Longfellow community has to offer, it gives a general idea for the lifestyle that is provided. Feel free to check out our supporting articles to learn more about this community.

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