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Lake Minnetonka: Iconic Houses

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Lake Minnetonka is one of the most desirable and exciting places to live in the state of Minnesota. With it’s scenic beauty, quiet lakeshores, and dynamic community, the amenities within the community are seemingly endless. While there are many luxurious homes that stand out on the lake’s shores, a few homes truly steal the spotlight. They include:

The Brooks House: The Brooks House is located in the city of Wayzata on a peninsula jutting out into Lake Minnetonka. It is connected to the Bushaway Road, which is considered to be the most historic area of Wayzata. A Tudor Revival style home, the Brooks House was built in 1919 and is surrounded by magnificent woods and beautiful gardens. It features stucco walls laden with growing vines, and a massive stone chimney. Adjacent to the home are a carriage house and a caretaker’s house of matching style.

The Fruen Cabin: One of the oldest and most charming cabins on Lake Minnetonka, the Fruen Cabin was built by William Fruen in 1927. Settled on the top of an oak tree studded hill, the cabin is located on the southeastern point of Lake Minnetonka’s Big Island. The cabin itself took a number of years to finish. It took 4 years for the walls and steps to be finished, because stones had to be carried across the frozen lake. The cabin features a sleeping loft, large screened-in porch, a tree-covered deck overlooking the lake, and a swiss-style chalet and boathouse on the shore.

The Cargill House: The Cargill House was built by the brother of the founder of Cargill Corporation, the world’s largest privately owned company. Overlooking Carson’s Bay, the Cargill house was built in 1905 with a classic Craftsman style. The house features open verandas for gazing at the lake, wrap-around porches, and a stone foundation. The Cargill house’s architectural style is said to match the surrounding landscape, with a focus being on blending in the building materials with those found naturally in the area. A long, straight roof is the defining feature of this home, with the intention being for it to match the horizon.

The Dayton/Burnet House: By far one of the most iconic and easily recognizable houses on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, the Dayton/Burnet House is an architectural wonder. Custom built in the late 1960’s by famous Italian architect Romaldo Giurgola, the Dayton/Burnet House encompasses 13 acres and almost 1,000 feet of Lake Minnetonka shoreline. What makes this home truly unique is its overall structure. The house is a collection of geometric shapes punctuated by a three-story tower and two chimneys at opposite ends. Its layout resembles a rectangle surrounded by triangles, circles and squares.

The Jimmy Jam House: The previous home of a Grammy-winning producer, the Jimmy Jam house is one of the most recognizable houses on Lake Minnetonka. What really stands out with this house is it’s Hollywood-esque style. With seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, 12 garage stalls including one deep enough for a limo, a three-story master suite, a theater complete with box office, a hair salon, an exercise studio and two staff apartments with their own elevator from the garage, this house truly is the definition of luxurious living. The home encompasses 23,000 square feet and has been the host of many famous musicians and athletes. It has almost 300 feet of Lake Minnetonka shoreline attached.

The Lorie Line House: A Mediterranean-style villa located on Lake Minnetonka, the Lorie Line house was the home of the famous pianist Lorie Line. The house sits on 3.65 acres and has 1,000 feet of shoreline. With four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and an attached triple-car garage, this home truly offers luxurious living. The most prominent feature of the home, however, is it’s curvilinear design. The Lorie Line house was designed to mimic the natural curves of the point on which it resides, which allows for it to have a 260 degree view of the lake.

The Pillsbury House: The Pillsbury House was home to the Pillsbury family, one of Minnesota’s most well-renowned families. Encompassing a massive 23,000 square foot home set on 13 acres, the Pillsbury house has been considered to be the most expensive home in Minnesota. Not only does it’s rich history add to it’s overall value, but the home is located on the tip of Brackett’s Point in Orono, giving it breathtaking views of Lake Minnetonka. With 1,300 feet of shoreline, the Pillsbury House has one of the best home locations on the entire lake. The house features a very large outdoor swimming pool, pool house, indoor spa, 12 car garage, 5,000 bottle wine cellar, dock, clay tennis court, a 10,000 square foot guest house, a caretaker’s cottage/greenhouse, smoking room, tea house, beautiful gardens, 7 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and a gourmet kitchen.

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