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Lake Minnetonka: The Marinas

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Lake Minnetonka is a massive lake that stretches across numerous communities. While it’s residents refer to it as a singular body of water, Lake Minnetonka is actually a collection of several smaller, kettle lakes that are adjoined to one another via straits and channels. It is this unique, sprawling layout that causes Lake Minnetonka to be so diverse in it’s lakeshore offerings and to have so many unique beaches, marinas and bays. The Marinas that are apart of Lake Minnetonka include the following:

Tonka Bay Marina: The Tonka Bay marina provides services through three excellent marina locations which are located in Tonka Bay, Excelsior and at the Shorewood Yacht Club. The marina holds docking for boats up to 70 feet. It also provides professional docking services in order to assist in taking off and anchoring.

Howard’s Point Marina: Howard’s Point Marina, located in Shorewood, provides fueling, boat rentals, fishing supplies, and other boating materials within its store. They offer free launch assistance, as well as slips that accommodate boats up to 40 feet long.

Rockvam Boat Yards Inc: Rockvam Boat Yards Inc. is a full-service marina that provides prime access to Lake Minnetonka within the city of Spring Park. They provide services for all skill levels of boaters, experienced or not.

Caribbean Marina: Located in Excelsior, the Caribbean Marina has been around for more than fifty years. It’s customers can enjoy beautiful views of Echo Bay and historic Big Island. The marina’s professional services provide an easy going and pleasurable experience for all boaters.

Greenwood Marina: Also in Excelsior, the Greenwood Marina has been a family owned business for many years. It is also the only marina on Lake Minnetonka to provide covered slips, which are wonderful assets for protecting your boat from the elements.

Northshore Marina: The Northshore Marina is a large marina that has three locations in Wayzata, Excelsior, and Big Island. They provide winterizing, storage, slips, and maintenance. They also operate Travelift, which allows them to launch bigger boats with ease.

Brown’s Bay Marina: Claimed to be the most conveniently located marina in the area, Brown’s Bay Marina services smaller boats. They are known for hosting some of the nicest boats around. This is the most secure and private marina on Lake Minnetonka.

If you have any questions regarding the Marina’s on Lake Minnetonka, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, give Realtor David Olson ( a call at (952)314-9446. Thanks and have a great day!

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