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Lake Minnetonka: The Beaches

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Lake Minnetonka is a massive lake that stretches across numerous communities. While its residents refer to it as a singular body of water, Lake Minnetonka is actually a collection of several smaller, kettle lakes that are adjoined to one another via straits and channels. It is this unique, sprawling layout that causes Lake Minnetonka to be so diverse in its lakeshore offerings and to have so many unique beaches, marinas, and bays. The beaches attached to Lake Minnetonka include:

Tonka Bay

Wekota Beach and Park: The Wekota park and beach area is a wonderful place to take an early morning walk. Wekota Beach also offers lifeguard services during the summer months. Additionally, the nearby Wekota Park is walking distance from the beach and offers picnic tables, a playground, and tennis courts. With a good balance of land and water amenities, Wekota Beach is a wonderful summer getaway destination.

Crescent Beach: Jointly owned and operated with the neighboring city of Shorewood, Crescent Beach is a popular summer destination for Tonka Bay residents. With a sandy beach, designated swimming area, and lifeguards on duty during the summer months, Crescent Beach is a safe and fun location for a family summer afternoon.


Excelsior Commons: Located on the northern point of Excelsior, the Commons and the Port of Excelsior are the most celebrated outdoor assets of the city of Excelsior. The park encompasses 13 acres including picnic areas, playgrounds, two swimming beaches, tennis courts, baseball fields, a bandshell, a bathhouse, and public restrooms whereas the port includes docks, buoys, and docking for public excursion boats which provide lake access for those without watercraft. Not only is this park a haven for active families, but it is also home to community celebrations as well as organized sports. It also makes a romantic getaway during the evening hours.


Wayzata Beach: Located on the north side of Lake Minnetonka, the Wayzata Beach and Marina is a prime location for summer recreation. A favorite among local families, this park features a beautiful beach, a public dock, adirondack chairs, picnic areas, a playground, volleyball courts, outdoor shower facilities, and restrooms. On particularly hot, sunny days, the beach offers plenty of shaded picnic and rest areas to escape from the sun. Additionally, during the summer months concessions are sold and watercraft rental is available, truly making this destination a summer paradise.


Surfside Park:  Described as Mound’s most celebrated park, the Surfside Park and Beach offers an open play area, picnic facilities, a park pavilion, a sand beach, and boat access into the beautiful Lake Minnetonka. This park draws in large crowds every year, and is the site of many community events. It’s prime location makes it a community favorite.

Centerview Beach: Featuring a swimming beach, fishing pier, and a picnic area, the Centerview Beach is an ideal location for a sunny, summer afternoon. Whether it be a family picnic, a father-son fishing trip, or an afternoon swim, this beach offers the perfect amenities for summer fun.


Linwood Beach & Rocky Beach: Both of these beaches provide docking rooms for the residents boats, as well as small swim areas for kids to play in.

Deephaven Beach: This is the most popular beach in Deephaven, as it provides on- duty lifeguards and plenty of swimming area in which to play.