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Finding the Best Deal

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Consumers are vigilant about buying opportunities like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday along with sales, coupons and rebates. Some cautious buyers will even risk shopping early to find exactly what they want to waiting until the last moment for potentially lower prices.

In retail, the hype is more obvious and the signs may be easier to read than that of the home market. Certainly, volumes have been written about the record low mortgage rates and that home prices have adjusted considerably lower in the last four years.

A more subtle indication of a home buying bargain is that statistics indicate that year-after-year, the average home prices fall in the fourth quarter. The holidays beginning with Thanksgiving, winter weather and the distractions of gift purchases certainly contribute to lower home sales.

Regardless of what is causing the reduced volume, the smart buyer can take advantage of the end of the year to get their best possible deal on a home purchase. The buyers willing to buck the trend could easily benefit from lower prices and less competition from other buyers.