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Ever Thought About Being A LandLord?

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Ever Thought About Being A LandLord?

Nelson’s New Home

The Nelson’s standing in front of their new home in Shakopee

Meet John & Andrea Nelson, clients of mine who recently saved for a downpayment to buy a new home for their growing family. They knew because of low interest rates and the large inventory of homes on the market that this was one of the best times to purchase a home in over 50 years. All of this was very exciting for them except for one issue. They owned a townhome that had significantly lost value. Instead of taking an incredibly large loss in order to sell their property in this market, they decided that their best option was to rent out their townhouse because it allowed them to protect their equity, generate more monthly income, and get through this down market before trying to sell.
John and Andrea had never been landlords or had any experiences trying to rent a property before. Andrea says ‘We were always open to the idea of being landlords when we were older, but never envisioned it happening at this point in our lives. We didn’t know where to start, but David provided excellent resources for us to review.’ Besides being new to the process, John & Andrea didn’t have the time or resources to do extensive research to understand all of the legal contracts, the rules & expectations of being landlords in MN, and interview & negotiate with possible renters. ‘David was extremely helpful in helping us secure renters. He designed advertisements of our home and posted them on hundreds of rental websites. When potential renters starting responding, he fielded all those calls and screened prospects according to our preferred renter qualifications. Once they met all the requirements, then we moved forward in the process. We liked that he was thorough and because of this, we found great renters.’ Andrea and John ended up saving hundreds of hours & thousands of dollars because I was able to help them get a renter for FREE. John and Andrea had a signed lease & two months of rent before they closed on their new home! Their experience in working with me was ‘Very positive.’
I’m glad I was able to help John & Andrea rent their property but even more importantly, it was great to help them get a terrific deal on their new house. On May 25th John & Andrea were able to move into their new home with their two kids, Lucy & Sawyer.
Are you looking to buy a new place but uncertain what your best options are with your current home? Do you have questions about how to rent your property but don’t know where to start or who to trust? Would you like to avoid the headaches & wasted time struggling to figure this out on your own?
I would love to sit down and talk one on one and help you rent your property for FREE. In this market I want to make sure you and your family can reach your goals. Give me a call!