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Calhoun Isles: Lowry Hill

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Lowry Hill is a neighborhood located inside of the community of Calhoun-Isles, which is along the western edge of Minneapolis’s limits. Lowry Hill got its name from Thomas Lowry, one of the original inhabitants and developers of the neighborhood. The area hosts numerous arts-centered establishments, a small, scenic park, and a gathering of dynamic businesses. With close to 3,800 residents, and full of scenic locations, this neighborhood is truly a charming community.

As early as the 1850’s, the area was designated as a “dark and swampy forest”. Initial inhabitants were farmers and the area, today known as Lowry Hill, was originally located outside of the city of Minneapolis. When Thomas Lowry reached the location in 1867, he developed the first 220 acres. By 1906, the most amazing houses began to spring up in the neighborhood. After 1910, apartment buildings were built along Hennepin and Franklin Avenues. Today, the neighborhood continues to be one of the more affluent spots in the city of Minneapolis.

Lowry Hill hosts a number of neighborhood events that allow the promotion of community spirit. In January, this neighborhood puts on an Ice Skating Social on the Lake of the Isles. The neighborhood also hosts parades, holiday celebrations, and various events at local parks throughout the year.

The Lowry Hill neighborhood is an exciting place of more than 190 one-of-a-kind shops, abundant restaurants, useful facilities, wonderful apartments and historic homes presenting the paramount style of urban living its locals enjoy. Lowry Hill is home to several famous eateries. Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream is a local and statewide favorite. Renowned for its usage of only natural ingredients and wide assortment of flavors, Sebastian Joe’s is a great destination for a sunny, summer afternoon. Additionally, the store is constantly innovating with its flavors and is known for some wacky, flavorful combinations. When it comes to urban dining, The Lowry is the definition of an upscale diner. Specializing in burgers, whiskey, oysters and eggs, The Lowry is known by the locals for its classic Americana foods with an urban twist. When it comes to fine dining, however, the Burch Restaurant is a local favorite. Known for their fabulous steaks and artisan pizzas, the Burch Restaurant is an upscale establishment that opens at 5pm each day. Visitors can dine, enjoy wine and desserts, and appreciate the atmosphere late into the night.

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and Walker Art Center is perhaps the most visited area in the Calhoun Isles Community. This area is one of the crown jewels of the city’s park system, connecting two of Minnesota’s most cherished resources with its garden space and its cultural life. The site is 11 acres and stages more than 40 pieces from the Walker Art Center’s famous collection. The most popular attraction within the Sculpture Garden is the famous Cherry on a Spoon. This, among many other sculptures, makes the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden a unique destination. In partnership with the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, the Garden is a top location for visitors, who appreciate the art as well as the year-round exhibitions in the Cowles Conservatory and the Alene Grossman Memorial Arbor and Flower Garden.

The Lowry Hill neighborhood is home to its own park and located near several large parks. They include:

Thomas Lowry Park: Thomas Lowry Park is located exclusively within the Lowry Hill neighborhood. A scenic wedding destination, the park features brick pathways, a grape arbor, and seven cascading pools with well-maintained landscaping. The serenity and peace of the park make it extremely romantic and ideal for passive outdoor recreation. During the months of July-August, the park is in full bloom and attracts a number of visitors.

Lake of the Isles Park: A 208-acre park located north of Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles Park services the Cedar-Isles-Dean, East Isles, Kenwood, and Lowry Hill neighborhoods. A wildly popular tourist attraction and scenic destination, Lake of the Isles Park is an engineered lake that attracts an average of 5.5 million visitors a year from all over the world. This is largely due to its beautiful waterfront and rich amenities. Connected to Lake Calhoun through a lagoon as well as trails, Lake of the Isles Park offers visitors biking/walking paths, fountains, a soccer field, a fishing pier, and the beautiful lake itself. During the winter, Lakes of the Isles Park also opens a hockey rink and an ice skating area. Cherished by the nearby neighborhoods and the state of Minnesota as a whole, Lake of the Isles Park is a popular wedding destination and afternoon getaway location.

Kenwood Park: Kenwood Park is a neighborhood park located within the Kenwood neighborhood. At nearly 33 acres, Kenwood Park is not the largest park available, but it does offer several great amenities. These include picnic areas with grills, a playground, restrooms, a softball field, walking paths, and the city’s largest bank of public tennis courts. Additionally, the park is located on sloping hilltops, giving visitors great views of the chain of lakes.

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