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Do you know someone struggling with their mortgage?

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I’m writing because our area had an alarming up-tick in foreclosures in the last 30 days. We all know someone who is struggling to make their mortgage payments. Those of us who bought a home over the past few years, had no idea about the kind of economic upheaval that was going to follow. I have been watching trends in real estate for over 10 years and while I knew a bubble was coming, even I did not see the magnitude of this mortgage crisis. In fact, it appears that no one actually anticipated what was in store for those of us here in the Twin Cities.

But here we are. An estimated one fourth of the mortgage holders in the country owe more on their home than its current market value and I suspect that number is higher in Hennepin and Ramsey counties. One out of seven are in some state of default or foreclosure. And possibly, the most troubling statistic of all: the vast majority of homeowners who end up foreclosing on their home, do so without ever reaching out for help or attempt a short sale. Sad!

As a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) it is my mission to help homeowners avoid foreclosure and to help them get their lives on a positive path. If you, or anyone you care about is faced with an unmanageable mortgage, please know that I am here to help. My team’s goal is to make a positive impact on those affected here in The Twin Cities. I invite you to visit my website or forward this link, for a copy of my most recent report entitled, “Need a Helping Hand? If your Mortgage and the Market Have Tossed You a Curve, You’re Not Alone.”

More help is available for financially distressed homeowners now, than ever before. In spite of what you may read, we have been very successful in navigating these programs for our clients that are affected. This is no time to go it alone, and the time to contact me about getting on the path toward financial stability is NOW! The biggest mistake most people make is waiting until it’s too late for us to be able help. Pass this along to anyone who might need advice. We’re doing our part to turn the market around, one homeowner at a time.

There is hope,

David Olson