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City of Columbia Heights: A Brief Overview

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The city of Columbia Heights, Minnesota is a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis and is located north of the Twin Cities metro area. A medium-sized suburb, Columbia Heights encompasses an area of just over 3.5 square miles and is home to just under 20,000 residents. Known for its Polish heritage and rich history, Columbia Heights has a very active and exciting community. Residents frequently have jobs in the nearby cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, making Columbia Heights a popular city to commute to work from. With a good balance of open space, residential, and commercial developments, Columbia Heights offers residents urban amenities and employment as well as suburban comforts and natural spaces.

Columbia Heights is just 5 miles (15 minutes) from the heart of Minneapolis and major landmarks such as Target Field and the University of Minnesota. The main route through the city is State Highway 65. This leads straight into the heart of Minneapolis. Additionally, Columbia Heights is surrounded by Interstates 94, 694, and 35W. These highways give residents access to the majority of the Twin Cities metro area as well as the state of Minnesota. With incredible access to the Twin Cities, a great suburban community, and plenty of amenities for its residents, Columbia Heights is an ideal city to call home for those seeking an exciting and vibrant way of life.

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