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City of Vermillion: Parks & Trails

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Because of its small size of around just 1 square mile of land, the City of Vermillion is not home to any of its own parks. Instead, residents venture to neighboring cities to enjoy outdoor recreational activities. Some of the most notable parks include:

Vermillion Falls Park: Vermillion River runs through the City of Hastings, providing for much of the recreational activity in the surrounding communities. Vermillion Falls is one of the most scenic destinations near Vermillion, where visitors can enjoy the breathtaking fall landscape. Outdoor enthusiasts also love hiking up and down the sides of Vermillion Falls and the surrounding wooded areas. Amenities on the park grounds include picnic tables and a picnic shelter.

Ravine Regional Park: Located nearby in Cottage Grove, Ravine Park is situated on 515 acres of beautiful hills, wooded ravines, and prairies. Locals enjoy year round fun with amenities including hiking, paved, and cross-country skiing trails. A play structure and picnic shelter are also available within the park. On the small lake, fishing on the pier offers fun for all ages. With its beautiful scenery and many amenities, Ravine Regional Park is a great outdoor option.

Whitetail Woods Regional Park: In the neighboring city of Farmington is the regional Whitetail Woods Park. The park consists of 456-acres of woods and abundant wildlife. The main attractions in the park are the various paved trail for outdoor enthusiasts to venture on. Other activities include geocaching, hiking, cross-country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, and picnicking. A lake shelter, cabins, and play area are also located within Whitetail Woods Park.

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