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City of St. Paul Park: A Brief History

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Named after the “Father of his Country”, Washington County, Minnesota was founded in October 1858. In May 1858, Minnesota became a state. With about 1300 acres, St. Paul Park was established as an incorporated village in Newport Township in 1887-1888.

Some of the first settlers in the area were Joseph Hugenin, R.S. Snow, and William and Giles Fowler. In 1852, William Fowler settled in the St. Paul Park area as a farmer and stockman. William’s farm which he purchased for $2,500 in 1852 was sold in 1887 for $80,000.

St. Paul Park later flourished in manufacturing. The biggest company was St. Paul Knitting Works, which employed 300 workers. J.L. Spencer and Co. and St. Paul Park Carriage and Sleigh Co. each employed 200 people. Henry A. Muckle Co. and Mankato Mattress Co. each employed 75 workers. Because the city had so many factories, there was a shortage of workers. The city turned to recruiting people from St. Paul. A special commuter train called “The Burlington Motor” was run from St. Paul to St. Paul Park.

Two major railroads ran through St. Paul Park, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul and the Chicago, Burlington & Northern. In 1909, the Village of St. Paul Park was incorporated with a population of about 1,200 people.

Since 1890, the population of St. Paul Park has grown from 1,173 to its current day population of 5,332 residents. The community continues to grow and thrive, making it the perfect destination to live.

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