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City of Watertown: Community Events

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With a population of close to 4,300, the city of Watertown, Minnesota has a quiet, small-town community. Despite its small size, Watertown offers its residents a number of community events and amenities throughout the year. Watertown’s community is best defined by the following events, organizations, and amenities:

The Rails to Trails event is Watertown’s most celebrated and cherished community event. Taking place, annually, during the 3rd week of July, Rails to Trails is a celebration of the community. Featured at the event are a number of fun activities for all ages. With a golf tournament, farmer’s market, kids fun zone, live music performances, a toilet bowl race, bingo, grocery giveaway drawings, a fishing contest, a 5k fun run and walk, a car and craft show, a parade, and a fireworks show, the Rails to Trails event is absolutely bursting with activity. It is the highlight of the year for many residents. In addition, perhaps the most popular competition during the event is the Golden Spike Contest. Hidden somewhere within the Watertown city limits is a golden spike which can be turned in for a cash prize. The Golden Spike is always a huge hit among any age group.

Watertown is the home of the River City Theatre Company. Founded in 2008 by community members in Watertown, this live theatre company provides entertainment for Watertown and the surrounding communities. With a number of past theatrical successes, and it’s gaining popularity, the River City Theatre Company is becoming a staple of the Watertown community. Each year brings steady growth and increasingly elaborate performances.

The community education in Watertown is provided through the Watertown-Mayer Public Schools. Offering a wide range of courses for all ages and interests, community education is a fabulous way for members of the community to explore new interests and learn new skills. In addition, courses are offered year-round, ensuring availability for all lifestyles.

Watertown has its own public library. The Watertown Library belongs to the Carver County Library System, and provides its patrons with access to all of the books in the Carver County system. This is made possible through Carver County Library’s “InterLibrary Loan” system. In this program, patrons can reserve books and have them delivered to their home library, free of charge. Watertown’s residents are able to access a wide range of books and resources through this wonderful network.

One of the most popular community restaurants and gathering areas is the Hollywood Sports Complex. The restaurant is a family entertainment center and offers bowling, food, catering for groups of all sizes, liquor, live music on weekends, pool, darts, video games, lighted softball fields and sand volleyball courts and pull tabs with the proceeds going to the Watertown Lions. As a community gathering destination, there is always something to do at the Hollywood Sports Complex. In addition, they are very active in hosting and organizing sporting leagues for the surrounding community and the state as a whole.

Watertown’s location also adds to the community. Due to it’s close location to the larger areas of Lake Waconia and Lake Minnetonka, residents have access to a wide variety of top-notch dining, shopping and entertainment options. Additionally, Watertown is under an hour away from Minneapolis, meaning that residents can enjoy the big city’s amenities without having to drive very far.

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