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City of Waconia: Trails, Parks, & Beaches

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The city of Waconia, Minnesota is home to over 20 parks ranging in size from small neighborhood venues to large, regional areas. With a wealth of amenities including beaches,  the large Lake Waconia, a skate park, trails, children’s play areas, and more, it is no wonder that residents are actively involved with their park system. Some of the most notable examples include:

Lake Waconia: The 2nd largest lake in the 7-county metropolitan area, Lake Waconia is a 3,200 acre freshwater lake that is the centerpiece of the Waconia park system. Activities include bird watching on Coney Island, fishing, and boating activities such as water-skiing, sailboarding and swimming. The city of Waconia is located on the southern shore of Lake Waconia, and got its name from the lake.

City Square Park: Located near downtown Waconia on Main Street between Pine and Spruce Streets, City Square Park is a central location for the community. This park provides play equipment, a picnic shelter, a gazebo, and meandering walking paths. Restroom facilities are open during the summer months. As a popular site for community events throughout the year, City Square Park is widely utilized and enjoyed by Waconia’s residents.

Brook Peterson Park: The largest of Waconia’s parks, Brook Peterson Park is a 40-acre park that features year-round outdoor amenities. During the summer months, 8 softball fields and a concession stand are heavily utilized by the public. The Waconia Baseball Association has a baseball field at this park and it is home to the “Waconia Lakers”, the city’s amateur team. As a sporting hub during the summer months, Brook Peterson Park is a great destination to watch a ball game. During the winter months, outdoor freestyle skating and ice hockey rinks open up to the public. This park is accessible by walkway from the downtown area.

Cedar Point Park: Cedar Point Park is located on Cedar Street on Lake Waconia. It has 2 tennis courts, a basketball court, play equipment, picnic tables, and a fishing pier which residents can enjoy. Additionally, it also features a walking path along the shore of Lake Waconia. This path makes for a wonderful summer evening getaway with a loved one.

Lake Waconia Regional Park: Lake Waconia Regional Park is a massive regional park that is currently expanding. Situated on the southern shore of Lake Waconia, it offers views of the lake and Coney Island. Facilities include a reservable group picnic shelter, picnic tables, grills, restrooms, play equipment, a small swimming beach, and a volleyball court. Boat access is provided outside the park. In addition to offering a wide range of amenities, the regional park’s fabulous location on Lake Waconia make it an enjoyable and accessible destination for all.

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