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City of Vermillion: Schools & ISD 200

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The City of Vermillion, Minnesota is served by Independent School District 200, also known as the Hastings Public Schools. The district is geographically one of the largest in the state, encompassing over 170 square miles of land. In total, ISD 200 serves around 4,700 students throughout all of its schools. None of these schools are located within Vermillion itself, but students in the city attend schools in surrounding cities.

Students grades K-4 within the city of Vermillion attend Christa McAuliffe Elementary School in the neighboring city of Hastings. Around 520 students are enrolled at McAuliffe with a 16 to 1 student/teacher ratio, which is the lowest for all elementary schools in the district. McAuliffe boasts a professional teaching staff, with 85 percent of the school’s teachers achieving a Master’s Degree or higher. The school’s curriculum puts an emphasis on basic skill development in language arts, reading, math, science, and social studies. Parent involvement is important part of the school’s core, which is why the school encourages participation in the Parent Teacher Connection, volunteering at school, and communication with staff.

Hastings Middle School serves students in grades 5-8 in the city itself and other surrounding communities, such as Vermillion. Hastings Middle is ranked in the top 85 percent of all middle schools in the state of Minnesota. The staff at Hastings Middle focuses on individual student success, mastery of learning and development of positive, well-rounded, lifelong learners who work together as respectful citizens. In the past, the school has been recognized as a National School of Excellence, with curriculum that features 1st year Algebra for advanced math learners, a wide variety of arts, three full years of science, and an after school program with mini-courses. In 2015, the school scored an Average Standard Score of 80.57. Almost 75 teachers are employed full-time at hastings Middle and 1300 students are enrolled in grades 5-8.     

Vermillion is home to one private school, which is St. John the Baptist Catholic School. St. John has around a 100 students in K-5 enrolled in the school. The school has a tradition of excellence of over 50 years. Almost all of St. John students go on to perform above average in the Hastings public schools.

Founded in 1866, Hastings Senior High School is one of the oldest operating schools in the entire state of Minnesota. In 2001, a new building was constructed with 12 different departments with core offerings in electives and AP classes. The school has a strong tie to the city’s community that reflects its strong heritage and tradition of progress. Over 1,500 students are enrolled at Hastings Senior High, with 82 full-time teachers serving the school. Hastings is ranked better than 89 percent of other high schools in the state, due largely impart to its unique Alternative Learning Center, which provides a caring learning environment, designed to meet the unique educational needs of students. Hastings Senior excels particularly well in the arts, with a variety of courses such as drawing, painting, vocal art, theatre, and speech. The school is known for its outstanding music program. Athletics are an integral part of the school, with 17 different competitive sports teams. The school has won a total of 41 championships, 6 of which were in soccer.

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