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City of St. Paul: Schools & District 625

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Saint Paul Public Schools is one of Minnesota’s larger school districts and serves more than 39,000 students. Well trained and extremely devoted staff, trailblazing academic programs, and strong community support are among the district’s highlights. The student population is diverse, with students who speak more than 125 languages and dialects. There are over 25 elementary schools, 13 middle schools, and 11 high schools.

Cherokee Heights Elementary is perhaps the best elementary school in the city of St Paul. The school encourages students’ families to become involved in as many ways as they can in their children’s education. Stimulating reading programs motivate the whole school and every student within it and the devoted staff helps support and encourage every student in every way possible. Art and theatre experiences including African drumming, spoken word, and hip-hop dancing are available at this school. With a fully equipped television studio, students create a live newscast twice a week for the whole school. After-school programs spread learning time and help build teamwork and social skills. Students at Cherokee Heights love their indoor pool, with swimming lessons offered by Red Cross certified instructors. By challenging students in a curriculum that includes high expectations, students develop a higher sense of purpose, nurtured in the diverse experiences that will enrich them for life.

Highland Park Middle School is a thrilling and active grade six, seven, and eight school that helps students and families from all over the city. They follow this middle school philosophy:  “We organize students in smaller learning communities called Teams”. Each student on the team shares the same math, science, English, and Humanities teacher. Each student meets with his or her advisory teacher for thirty-nine minutes each day. The advisor serves as their mentor and academic counselor and monitors the student’s social and emotional growth.  The teams create a strong sense of belonging for students and provide support to help them “make a smooth transition from elementary to middle school”. The school offers a challenging academic program across all academic levels with a focus on improving students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

All students can find a place to learn and grow at Johnson Senior High School. The school is home to the district’s Aerospace & Engineering Academy that entices students from all corners of St. Paul. As a qualified “Project Lead the Way” school, students can choose from six different pre-engineering classes that offer college credit, as does the broad range of Advanced Placement and College in the Schools courses. Johnson provides students with many ways to pursue their passions, including more than 35 clubs and organizations and 25 athletic teams. Every student finalizes a senior assignment that validates they can write well, speak confidently, and effectively accomplish a major project on time.