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City of Spring Park: Community Life

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The community in Spring Park, Minnesota is largely influenced by the surrounding Lake Minnetonka communities. As one of the members of the lakeshore cities, residents of Spring Park belong to a close-knit and active community found in and around the waters of Lake Minnetonka. While members of this vast community, residents of Spring Park also enjoy their own local community. This community, while largely influenced by the surrounding cities, is most evidently seen through Spring Park’s local events, and fabulous amenities.

Some of the popular amenities offered within Spring Park are found in the downtown area. While Spring Park does not have a large downtown area, it does feature several businesses, restaurants, and services that are available for the public. One of the most popular is Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge. A beautiful resort and collection of restaurants found right on the shore of Lake Minnetonka, Old Fletcher’s has been a staple of the local community since 1978 and offers fine-dining options. Another popular location is the Minnetonka Drive-In restaurant. During the summer months, this restaurant is the host of Thursday night hot-rod nights and the residents enjoy the olde-tyme feel as well as good food that it provides. In addition to local amenities, residents of Spring Park have access to the amenities of the surrounding cities. With larger cities such as Mound, Orono, and Wayzata just a short drive or boat ride away, residents have access to additional top-notch dining, entertainment, and shopping options. This balance of big-city benefits and small-town charm lend to the uniqueness of Spring Park’s community.

While the amenities in Spring Park are great, so too are the numerous events that occur in and around the Minnetonka Lake area. As one of the communities on the lake, Spring Park’s residents enjoy a number of large events that are hosted by some of its larger neighboring cities. Some of the favorite events during the summer months include the MN Wake Surf Competition and Lake Minnetonka 4th of July fireworks celebration in July, and the farmer’s markets running from May-October. During the fall and winter months the Running of the Bays 5k and half-marathon, the Taste of Tonka event, the Tonka Brewfest, and a tree-lighting ceremony each holiday season, also take place. While this list is by no means a comprehensive list of all of the events taking place on Lake Minnetonka, it highlights how active and dynamic the community truly is.

Spring Park’s location allows for it’s residents to experience small-town, lakeshore life while still benefitting from the amenities of it’s larger nearby cities. With it’s membership in the dynamic Lake Minnetonka community as well as its convenient location just 40 minutes outside of Minneapolis, residents in Spring Park are truly able to access the best that Minnesota has to offer.

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