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City of Spring Park: Brief History

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Spring Park was mainly a tourist destination is the 1880’s. The reason it was such a popular attraction in the summer was because of the large and very beautiful Lake Minnetonka. The lake caused so much traffic in the area that the town built several hotels and inns for tourists to stay. A man by the name of James J. Hill was responsible for creating a railroad system that went all throughout the areas near Lake Minnetonka, including Spring Park. Eventually, over fifteen trains pulled in each bringing hundreds of tourists who were all ecstatic to experience the beautiful lake. The historic Hotel Del Otero was built in 1887.The name “Del Otero” means “Hotel of the Mound” in Spanish. This was one of the most popular places for tourists to stay when they visited Spring Park.

Eventually, because of a financial depression in the country, tourism died off in the region. Spring Park attempted to become more residential and officially became a city in 1951, with a population of only 1952. The population slowly grew over time, and more families moved to the lakeshore city, attracted to its charm and peaceful living. Today, the population is around 1,500, and the locals continue to enjoy the way of living that Spring Park offers.

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