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City of Shakopee: Parks & Trails

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The city of Shakopee, Minnesota places a strong emphasis on the preservation and establishment of parkland. With 920 acres of designated park land housing 33 park facilities, residents of Shakopee have plenty of opportunities to interact with the outdoors. Amenities range from active to passive, but throughout all of the parks there is something for everyone. Some of the most notable parks include:

Green Meadows Park: One of Shakopee’s most recent additions to the parks system, Green Meadows Park is a 12.9 acre park full of great amenities. Amenities include a ballfield, basketball and volleyball courts, a playground, a soccer field, horseshoe pits, picnic areas, outdoor grills, restrooms, and trails. In addition, the park offers both hockey and a pleasure skating rinks and a warming house in the winter. With it’s great mix of amenities, Green Meadows Park is a hit among all ages and is used year-round.

Lions Park: Lions Park is one of the biggest parks within the city at 50 acres. Offering a number of great amenities, Lions Park is sure to entertain just about everyone. Activities at the park include a basketball court, tennis courts, a playground, picnic shelters with outdoor grills, playfields, and trails. The park is also home to the city of Shakopee’s disc golf course and the SandVenture Aquatic Park. The Shakopee disc golf course is a local favorite, with 18 holes and long fairways. Additionally, while not free, the SandVenture Aquatic Park makes an excellent destination to cool off on a hot summer day. With so many amenities located in one place, Lions Park is appreciated by all.

Archery Range and Boat Launch: Shakopee is home to its own archery range and boat launch. Located north of the Minnesota River, the archery range is a place where participants of all ages can learn, practice, or master the sport of archery. The range is located next to Shakopee’s boat launch. The boat launch offers residents access to the Minnesota River, and is heavily utilized during the warmer months.

Tahpah Park: Tahpah Park is home to Shakopee’s largest ballfield complex. With eight softball fields and one football field, community games occur here frequently. Additionally, the park is home to the Joe Schleper Baseball Stadium. A beautiful baseball stadium used by the Shakopee Coyotes, Indians, and Chiefs baseball teams as well as the local high school and youth teams, the Joe Schleper Baseball Stadium is a wonderful resource. The stadium seats 500 spectators on recycled seats from the Metrodome, the previous home of the Minnesota Twins. Tahpah park has restrooms on site as well as a playground, nature area, and trails. It makes for a very popular community gathering place in the summer, and residents are encouraged to come watch the local ball teams play.

MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge: A massive, 11,000-acre wildlife refuge located in the neighboring city of Bloomington, the MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge is the largest national wildlife area in an urban location. Its visitor center is located in eastern Bloomington near the Mall of America. Visitors of the refuge can expect to see an abundance of wildlife in a variety of habitats.

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