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City of St. Bonifacius: Parks & Trails

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The city of St. Bonifacius, though small, features a number of local parks for its residents to enjoy. With each park offering a good range of amenities, locals have plenty of outdoor recreational options. Some of the most notable include:

City Park: Located in the heart of St. Bonifacius, City Park is the largest park in the city and features a number of amenities. Including a large baseball complex as well as a playground, picnic shelter, basketball courts, and restrooms, City Park is a wonderful destination for family fun and outdoor excitement. In addition, the park features a historical Nike-Hercules missile on display. As one of four batteries in the Twin Cities that was equipped with defenses in the event of a Soviet nuclear attack, this historical missile has informational signs attached to educate visitors. City Park is a great destination for historical and recreational purposes and is the heart of St. Bonifacius’ park system.

Pauly Park: A small park located near a community development, Pauly Park offers its visitors a good mix of outdoor recreation and relaxation. The park features a picnic shelter as well as a number of benches and an outdoor grill. With a playground, 2 swingsets, and a sandy play area also included, Pauly Park makes for a great destination for a family grill-out.

Don Logelin Memorial Lions Park: The Don Logelin Memorial Lions Park features a swing set, playground, merry-go-round, and see-saw. As one of the local favorite children’s parks, the Don Logelin Memorial Park is a fabulous destination to take the kids.

Town’s Edge Lions Park: Another baseball field, and established by the Lions Club, Town’s Edge Lions Park features a baseball field including foul lines, dugouts, and a backstop. This park is the home to many recreational and league-official baseball and softball games. On summer nights, it isn’t uncommon to see community pick-up games taking place here. With bleachers for spectators, this park is a great place to watch a local game.

Dakota Rail Trail: The Dakota Rail Trail consists of 21.3 miles of hard surface biking and walking trails that stretch from the city of Wayzata all the way to Mayer, Minnesota. Along the entire trail, bikers and walkers are treated to scenic panoramas of Lake Minnetonka. The portion through St. Bonifacius measures roughly half a mile in length and connects the city with its neighbor, Minnetrista.

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