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City of St. Bonifacius: Community Life

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The city of St. Bonifacius is a smaller community located in the western metro of Minnesota. Encompassing an area of only one square mile and housing just over 2,500 residents, St. Bonifacius is a small town with a close community. Some of the biggest contributors to the community in, what the locals lovingly refer to as “St Boni”, are its events, amenities, and location.

The largest event in Saint Bonifacius each year is the annual Spass-Tagen or “Fun Days”. Featured at this event is a kiddie parade, food vendors, a beer tent, musical talent, crafts and farmers markets, wiener dog races, and much more. Located at City park in the heart of the city, this event brings the whole community together for a time of celebration and fun. Another popular summer event in St. Bonifacius are it’s city-wide garage sales. Organized several times during the summer months, these garage sales are wildly popular and help contribute to neighborhood unification. Finally, the city of St. Bonifacius has its own baseball team. The St. Boni Saints are part of the Minnesota Baseball Association and compete against local cities. In addition to games around Minnesota’s cities, the St. Boni Saints also play games within St. Boni and are a local favorite to watch.

St. Bonifacius offers a number of amenities within the city. One of the favorite local restaurants is Grumpy’s Bar. Located near the City Center, Grumpy’s offers traditional bar foods, but is known for its delicious pizza. Along with Grumpy’s, Saint Bonifacius features a number of other local businesses. Ranging from dining, landscaping, construction, automotive, and more, the businesses in St. Bonifacius provide the residents with a wide array of products and services. Also featured in St. Bonifacius are numerous churches and the private, Christian college, Crown College. Crown College is one of the biggest businesses in St. Bonifacius and over 1,300 students attend annually.

St. Bonifacius’ proximity to the nearby cities of Waconia and Minnetrista also contribute to the community. One of the most interesting facts about St. Bonifacius is that it is completely surrounded by the city of Minnetrista. It is this close proximity that helps to encourage cross-city community growth. Residents of St. Bonifacius are able to take part in community events going on in these larger cities. Additionally, they are able to enjoy the dining, entertainment, and shopping options that are available in these nearby cities. It is this convenience of location that allows for residents in St. Boni to have a small-town feel while still enjoying the benefits of it’s larger suburban neighbors. In addition, St. Bonifacius is only 25 miles west of Minneapolis, meaning that residents are still close enough to experience the big city’s amenities.

If you have any questions regarding the city of Saint Bonifacius, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to give or call 1-800-909-1953.