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City of St. Bonifacius: A Brief History

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St. Bonifacius, Minnesota has much of its history wrapped up in its neighbor city, Minnetrista. However, there is something to learn from the brief history of St. Bonifacius as well. St. Bonifacius was originally inhabited by German settlers. The city of Minnetrista, Minnesota is a land full of hills, forests, and winding lakes. The Dakota Native Americans more than likely inhabited the wooded area long before the settlers arrived. The Dakota’s largest tribe, the Mdewakantonwan, survived off of game within the woods and lakes. After Minnesota became a state in 1851, the government pushed for what is known as the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux, which was an agreement for the Native Americans to leave the land in order for the settlers to move in. As time passed however, St Bonifacius became independent from Minnetrista.

The city was named after its Catholic church and the “Apostle of the Germans,” St. Bonifacius. Bonifacius was born in England and became an ordained priest while he was still young. He spent most of his life as a missionary, and eventually became the archbishop of Mainz. He died as a martyr for his beliefs. Bonifacius is latin for “of good fortune and fate”.

Although very brief, the history of this city’s inspiration from a past martyr gives the city significant value.

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