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City of Saint Anthony: Parks & Trails

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The city of St. Anthony Village places a priority on having open space and park grounds set aside for public enjoyment. The city contains 7 parks offering a wide range of amenities. While not all parks offer the same level of amenities, each one offers something unique for visitors. The most notable parks include:

Central Park: Central Park is St. Anthony’s premier community park. Featuring playground equipment, a pavilion, recreational ice skating, a hockey rink, a splash deck, a picnic area, baseball and softball fields, and batting cages, Central Park offers visitors numerous ways to be active in the outdoors. Additionally, Central Park is home to St. Anthony’s only skateboard park. The wide range of amenities offered, make Central Park a wonderful location for all. It is located in the center of St. Anthony and is next to the high school.

Emerald Park: Emerald Park is smaller than Central Park, but it offers many of the same amenities. Activities within the park include playground equipment, recreational ice skating, a hockey rink, soccer field, splash deck, picnic area, baseball and softball fields and 1/2 basketball court. Emerald Park’s basketball court is one of only two in the city, making it a popular amenity.

Silver Point Park: Located on the southern end of St. Anthony, Silver Point Park is a small park offering several convenient activities. It features playground equipment, recreational ice skating, a picnic area, and baseball/softball fields. Because of it’s quieter location and size, Silver Point Park is ideal for young families and for those seeking a peaceful picnic location.

Water Tower Park: Water Tower Park is home to St. Anthony’s only tennis courts. In addition, the park also offers playground equipment, a 1/2 basketball court, walking paths, and a picnic area. It’s convenient location directly next to the high school makes it a staple of the community.

Silverwood Park: The largest park in St. Anthony is Silverwood Park, located on Silver Lake. While not owned and operated by the city, Silverwood Park is open to the public and offers numerous, unique amenities. The park is run by the Three Rivers Park District and features trails, a visitor center, an art gallery, education facilities, event rental space, a café/coffee shop, picnic sites, fishing opportunities, canoe and kayak rentals, an outdoor performance space and more. What makes Silverwood Park so unique is its purpose. It is a haven for local artists and musicians. The park features spectacular views of Silver Lake, restored prairie, and mature oak forests. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own art supplies or to take part in numerous art classes throughout the year.

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