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City of St. Anthony Village: Community Life

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St. Anthony Village, Minnesota is a medium-sized city located on the north-eastern side of Minneapolis. With around 8,500 residents, St. Anthony enjoys a suburban way of life while simultaneously experiencing the benefits of the city of Minneapolis. It is on the borders of both Hennepin and Ramsey counties, meaning that the city has residents living in both. Despite being a city, St. Anthony is still referred to by many as St. Anthony Village. It’s village-like atmosphere and close community add to the personable nature of life in St. Anthony.

St. Anthony offers several amenities for its “villagers”. The local school district offers community education courses for residents of all ages. Ranging in topics and seasons, these classes are offered year-round and are an excellent way for residents to not only learn new skills, but also interact with one another. In addition to community education, St. Anthony is home to a community theater. Providing musical and theatrical productions for the community, the St. Anthony Community Theater is a fun, and engaging facet of the St. Anthony community. A well-known shopping area in this city is the St. Anthony Shopping Center. this center has a mix of national and local stores where residents are able to find what they need. The center also has plenty of dining and entertainment options as well. Another popular location for the local residents in St. Anthony Village is the Main Event Center. This building has three levels, and is a popular spot for parties, receptions, and meetings. St. Anthony also features numerous places of worship, businesses, and community gathering locations within the city. Many can be found in or near the St. Anthony Shopping Center and Silver Lake Village.

One of the most popular events in this city is the St. Anthony Villagefest. This weekend’s events take place in the community during the summer each year. The event includes a parade, 5K run, bocce ball, kick ball, golf, picnics, a silent auction, and live music. This annual event draws large crowds every time and never fails to engage the entire community.

St. Anthony’s location adds great depth to its community. Despite having a small-town, village feel, St. Anthony has fabulous access to Minneapolis, which is just four miles away, and all of its amenities. Residents of St. Anthony often choose to live where they are because they want to have the amenities of the big city but the space and lifestyle of a smaller community. St. Anthony offers a quieter, more peaceful way of life without sacrificing the comforts of suburban and urban living. Residents have no shortage of things to do, with top-notch dining, shopping, entertainment and parks just a short drive away.

If you have any questions regarding the city of St. Anthony Village, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to give or call 1-800-909-1953.