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City of Rogers: Parks & Trails

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The city of Rogers, Minnesota has a strong commitment to outdoor preservation and enjoyment. With 31 parks within its city limits, Rogers provides ample space and amenities for those seeking outdoor recreation. Whether it be a small, neighborhood parks, or a massive, regional complex, the city of Rogers places care into each and every one of its sites. Some of the most notable parks within the city include:

Triangle Park: Triangle Park is one of Rogers’ most cherished parks. In addition to offering numerous amenities such as baseball, basketball, gardens, trails, hockey, ice skating, a picnic area, a playground, rental facilities, restrooms, sledding, and a volleyball court, Triangle Park is also home to the Rogers Veterans Memorial. The Veterans Memorial was established to honor Rogers’ veterans and it provides a peaceful place of remembrance.

North Community Park: North Community Park is a popular summer destination. It contains 51 acres which are packed with activities for visitors. Guests of the park can enjoy baseball, a picnic area, a playground, restrooms, a sledding hill, soccer/football field, softball, a volleyball court, and numerous natural areas. With so many amenities, as well as lots of open space, North Community Park is a central location for the Rogers community.

Henry’s Woods: Henry’s Woods are a natural haven for those seeking peace in the outdoors. While not offering many amenities, Henry’s Woods contain 52 acres filled with trails and gardens for visitors to enjoy. With the plentiful, mature trees, and an abundance of wildlife, Henry’s Woods is the ideal passive outdoor activity.

Hassan Meadow: At 51 acres, Hassan Meadow is another large, community park located within Rogers. The park features baseball fields, a basketball court, numerous trails and natural areas, a picnic area, and restrooms. Additionally, Hassan Meadow is home to Rogers’ frisbee golf course. The Hassan Meadow frisbee golf course is 9 holes and is free to play, making it a popular summer activity.

Crow Hassan Park Reserve: The largest park in Rogers, and one of the largest in the region, the Crow Hassan Park Reserve is owned operated by the Three Rivers Park District. A massive, 2,227 acre park reserve located on the western border of Rogers, the Crow Hassan Park Reserve is located on the Crow River. What makes it so special is the habitat that it contains. The park reserve is home to a restored prairie. This prairie is a year-round attraction due to the wildlife that it draws as well as the colors that it displays throughout the year. Visitors can potentially see deer, fox, coyotes, Trumpeter Swans, hawks, or bald eagles. In addition to scenic beauty, the park reserve offers miles of trails for horseback riding, skiing, hiking and geocaching.

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