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City of Rogers: A Brief History

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Rogers, Minnesota started as an early settlement in 1884.  Like much of the surrounding area, Rogers was mostly forests. Some of the trees that were common in the area were oak, ash, and birch. Other main geographical features were grasslands and marshes. However, the settlers were not as interested in the forests, and they cut down timber in order to make use of the rich soil for agricultural purposes.

The area was originally called Hassen Township. The area of Hassan was first settled in 1854 and then organized in 1860 along Territorial Road in Section 21. In the next thirty years, the township continued to prosper and establish itself residentially.

In the 1880s, John Rogers sold just one acre of his land to Great Northern Railroad. The depot used the spot for a station in order to allow easier access to the timber. When a church and school were built in the area, and the areas borders expanded, it attracted many residents. The railway village of Hassan, was named by officers of the Great Northern Railway company after the man who sold them the land and incorporated in 1914.

Throughout the years the town grew slowly until, in 1972, Interstate 94 was constructed. This interstate gave the city access to the Twin Cities, and truly sparked its establishment as a Minnesota city.

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