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City of Rockford: Community Life

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The city of Rockford, Minnesota is located northwest of the Twin Cities metro area. As one of the farthest outlying cities within the Hennepin county system, Rockford actually lies on the divider line of two counties. The dividing line is the Crow River, which runs through the city. For residents on the eastern side of the river, they belong to Hennepin county. Everyone west of the river, which is the majority of the city, actually belongs to Wright county. As such, the city belongs to two counties, and this interesting duality brings value to Rockford’s small-town community.

Rockford has numerous events that occur throughout the year. Whether it be city-wide garage sales or movies in the local park, residents in Rockford enjoy getting involved with the local community. One of the most popular, annual events is the Memorial Day Parade. Each year the community comes together to celebrate Memorial Day and enjoy a large parade. The most popular event each year, however, is the Rockford River Days event. This event is Rockford’s premier community celebration and features live music, midway rides, volleyball, a 5k run, poker, fireworks, a parade, and much more. This event sees the whole city come together to enjoy a carnival, good food, and fun as a community.

Rockford offers several amenities within the city for its residents. One amenity is the Great River Regional Library. The Great River Regional Library is a resource that many residents enjoy. With 32 locations in and around central Minnesota, residents of Rockford have access to the entire network of books and resources. Available for free to all residents, the library is a fabulous amenity. Community education is another amenity available within Rockford. Residents can enjoy taking a number of classes ranging in a wide variety of topics through the public school system. This is a great way for residents to learn new skills and meet one another. A final amenity made available to residents are community sports programs. Put on by the Rockford Area Athletic Association, sports teams are organized for children and teens in the community.

Despite Rockford’s location, about 30 miles away from Minneapolis, it still boasts a number of businesses and employment options. Rockford is home to around 110 businesses which employ over 1,000 individuals. Considering the total population is around 4,300, this is no small statistic! The city’s businesses allow for residents to have many employment opportunities and shopping areas. In addition to businesses, there are numerous places of worship in Rockford. For those desiring more activity, amenities, events, employment opportunities, or businesses, the surrounding cities provide plenty of alternative options.

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